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Spoon Sports Honda Clutch Slave Hose DC5

The spoon Clutch Slave Hose is a replacement for the stock rubber hose. It will create a more respon..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Clutch Cover

The Spoon clutch cover, or pressure plate increases clamping force by 30% with pedal feel almost unc..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Cross Gear Seat

The Spoon Cross Gear set for the Civic EP3 and Integra DC5 replaces with fifth and sixth ratio’s wit..


Spoon Sports Rear Brake Pad - Accord CL7, Civic Type R EP3 & EK9, CRZ ZF1, S2000 AP1 &AP2

Spoon brake pads feature high resistance to fading, excellent performance at low temperatures, near ..


Spoon Sports Rear Strut Tower Bar - Civic EK4/9 & EG6, Integra Type R DB8 & DC2

Improves chassis rigidity of the car for enhanced stability. Prevents body distortion by connecting ..


Spoon Sports Yellow Head Cover - Civic EK4/9 and EG6, Integra DB8 and DC2

The signature Spoon Yellow head cover is now available to all Spoon Fans. For years the yellow head ..