Drive Train

Drive Train
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Downstar Complete Transmission Hardware kit

Complete Trans Hardware Kit Replaces your trans hardware Kit contains: Trans To Engine, Trans ..


Spoon Sports AeroQuip Clutch Slave Hose

The spoon Clutch Slave Hose is a replacement for the stock rubber hose. It will create a more respon..


Spoon Sports Clutch Cover

The Spoon clutch cover, or pressure plate increases clamping force by 30% with pedal feel almost unc..


Spoon Sports Clutch Disc Non ASB

The Spoon non-asbestos clutch disc is full faced for increased power handling whilst maintaining the..


Spoon Sports Cross Gear Set

The Spoon Cross Gear set for the EG6, EK4, EK9, DC2 and DB8 replaces all the gears for shorter and m..


Spoon Sports Flywheel

Lightweight flywheels increase throttle response and aide in overall vehicle performance. Reducin..


Spoon Sports LSD Bseries

The differential is a mechanical device that allows a flexible division of drive between the wheels ..