DC5 2001-2006

DC5 2001-2006
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CR93 WHEEL SET 17-7.0J +45 5H114.3 SILVER

Spoon CR93 Wheel SET Size: 17" Width: 7.0J Offset: +45 PCD: 5H114.3 Colour: Silver This Whee..


CR93 WHEEL SET 17-7.0J +45 5H114.3 YELLOW

Spoon CR93 Wheel SET Size: 17" Width: 7.0J Offset: +45 PCD: 5H114.3 Colour: Yellow This Whee..


Spoon Sports Baffle Oil Pan

In fast cornering it is possible for the engine so suffer low oil pressure due to oil starvation. Th..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 2in1 Exhaust Manifold

The stock Honda downpipe provides a wide torque band that is ideal for street driven cars. Thus, it ..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 2P Head Gasket

The Spoon 2P Head Gasket was designed to increase the torque in low speeds and give superior durabil..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 4in2 Exhaust Manifold

The Spoon 4-2 manifold provides improved exhaust flow with an emphasis on mid-range power and respon..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Air Cleaner

New version features a multilayer urethane material instead of the OEM high density paper material. ..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 B Pedal Box

Over long term use or racing, the factory brake pedal can bend or become loose. To prevent distortio..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Brake Hose Set

Spoon Sports Brake Hoses feature a No. 3 Teflon tube with a low expansion ratio in combination with ..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Brake Pad, Front

Spoon brake pads feature high resistance to fading, excellent performance at low temperatures, near ..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Complete Engine K20A

For the ultimate in endurance racing, we offer the Spoon Blueprinted Complete Engine Assembly. Each ..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Exhaust B-Pipe

The Spoon exhaust b-pipe is designed in conjunction with the Spoon header and muffler to provide the..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Monoblock Caliper Set

The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for Honda applications. Unlike oth..


Spoon Sports Integra DC5 Venturi Big Throttle Body

The Spoon throttle body is a reworked, brand new OEM Honda unit that has been taper bored and fitted..


Sub Frame Rigid Collar Kit - FD2, EP3, DC5, GD1, GD3

Sub Frame Rigid Collar Kit for the Honda Civic Type R FD2 and EP3, the Honda Integra DC5 and the Hon..