2010, The Run down

Post by adminsdd 31/12/2010 0 Comment Just Chattin,
First off, id like to say thank you to people that have viewed the site this year, anyone that has bought anything with it on & Anyone that talks about it, I honestly cannot express how much I appreciate the support whether you mean to help or not lol. I've got some stuff lined up for next year that should keep 6TWO1 Fairly unique, it should have its own skin soon Instead of being on the free wordpress format, so keep your eyes open for that one!What I did at the end of last year i'm going to re-do this year and put the 10 most viewed picture's from my Flickr up for a Recap, then post my favourite picture i've taken also.These are from the Flickr STATS of MOST VIEWED pictures.Number 10: Red golf 10Number 9: Grey golf 9Number 8: Jetta 8Number 7: naths 7Number 6: img 6Number 5: lup 5Number 4: LamboNumber 3: Ek9Number 2: DN 2Number 1: EK9s HDRI'm really happy with a few of the picture's but deep down inside I am so happy what was Number 1 is, its one of my favourites from throughout the year. Yeah its an HDR and they are not to everyones taste but i think it come out very nice, not to over the top.My Favourites from the year : DNsEk9 ammy civicSisslamemd accordscircomxairboatsmaitlands golfraysslopesBut i think my Number 1 Photo from 2010 Is this: TegboyLike ive said though, thank you so much for checking back, reading my stuff & sharing it also.I hope i can out do 2010 in 2011. Which im sure i can :) Just Stay with me whilst i havnt got much content resting over from the summer & A job i have to uphold along side this that actually earns me money!See you in 2011 People ! What was you're favourite thing on 6two1 this year??