2011 Review. Thank you.

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So I'm just sitting here mulling over 2011 and how awesome it has been for the UK car scene, I firmly believe long gone are the days of big car show's for myself, for me, its becoming much more personal, we have had some awesome events this year, a few that stand out for me are the Endless Horizon/ Honda culture meets at Ace Cafe, South Mimm's Honda meets with cars from all over europe turning out & not forgetting my personal favourite event the Scene-Media (www.scene-media.com) X Meguiars BBQ day, It was special.

2011 started off for me still doing photoshoots with my local mates of their car's for practise. My first one of the year was of Anton's Golf;

anton Golf 2

These are still contiuous events for me, their my favourite. I love photoshoots with my mates as I can really just dick about the whole time, even now I am working with some magazines one of the first things the person will hear me say is, "I'm not a professional, I literally wing it, dont worry though, will look alright" Filling them full of confidence haha, I know im not the best though, I really do just do this as a hobby and as something i enjoy.

Quick trip to bluewater..


The first big show I attended was Ultimate dubs, which saw one of my mate's Nathan un-viel his Scirocco on CCW's to the country.


The show was okay, bit boring & I wont be attending it again next year.

Leading on to my first Dc5 and my brothers Fiesta, once again just a few personal photo's which made their way onto the site.

My dc5joel

Ahh South Mimm's Part 1. What an awesome day. I hope they are just as big next year as they are a seriously awesome/relaxed meet for the Honda boys & girls


Loony, Jess & Remedi

guyszdc5smeet arse

Next up was a New event for 2011, Early Edition, It was pretty cool, Worth the journey (considering it was 10 minutes from where i just so happened to be that weekend...lol)


Also where my mate Nath once again showed off a new feature to his Scirocco


The reason i'd been up that way was for this car:


Next up was a trip to Ace Cafe in London, my first of the year to view the retro jap cars


and the not so retro


Come the end of April I finally managed to get that lazy prickhead Nath to let me take some proper picture's of his car. Considering I see him all the time, you wouldnt believe the effort it takes to get him to agree to something like this haha.

NathNathsidenath rear 

May saw me head to Holland which left me with some awesome car's to post up for you, First one I chucked up was a Lexus


Its pretty cool to be able to show car's from different places as considering I put this up in May & im still getting hits from links that are getting posted on forums from all over Europe it shows how awesome the internet is.

Some other Dutch goodies


Also got to see some awesome stuff in Holland, the best for me was going on the track for the photoshoot.

The JAF Show was great, I cannot wait to go in 2012.


After that, back in England was Japfest with the Honda Culture Crew.

Don't normally dig blonde girls but fuuu.....

And Who can forget...?


Trip to America and saw this old heap in Tombstone AZ

6TWO1 Colchester Honda meet

then Comes South Mimm's part 2. which was even more awesome than the first one!

From that came Matt Coles feature ;

Up Next was the Endless Horizon Meet at Ace Cafe!

Got a formal introduction to the Stunning Farina West & hope she attends more Honda stuff next year!

Rikz next level F7 LCA's

Up next was one of my all time favourite days. Scene Media X Players X Megs BBQ Day. I'd do anything to relive this day!

J's Racing S2000 V RS4 that Makes little girls cry, WHERE ELSE DO YOU SEE THIS?!?

Chill as f...

HC & friends @ Ace Cafe Was next on the Calendar

Shaven Haven came from this...

Then Came Edition 38.

Swiftly followed by Players

Sundips Awesome Accord Type R little off the cuff shoot came in September..

Tegboys Magazine Feature I Wrote & Shot.

Then Simons DX came this month...

And Finally Some more personal car shots from myself of my newest DC5.

2011 has been an awesome year, full of Ups & downs as always but I can only speak positively for everyone who supports & visits 6two1 and keeps the traffic flowing. I am so thankful for everyone who visits here, rocks a sticker or simply presses the like button & Shares on facebook/twitter/tumblr. I really can't thank you enough.

I Hope you all will enjoy the stuff I will be getting for you next year, if you don't...Well you don't pay me so tough! haha. Anyway. Come say hello if you see me at a meet/show etc. Always willing to have a chat & meet some new people!.

Thank you once again for an Awesome 2011. Have some Awesome new year Celebrations and I'll speak to you again in 2012 !!!