2012 South Mimms Meet 2

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Photography by Oli Akintunde - Remedi PhotoMedia for 6TWO1

Whilst I was away living the American dream in the California Sun at the biggest Honda meet I've ever seen, back home there was our very own little version happening. Thankfully, Remedi did a photoset for me to post up on here for you guys so I can still bring you the coverage from events that are happening on our own doorstep, let alone the ones overseas.

This is a first for 6TWO1 in recent times, its been a very long time since I featured someone elses photography on my site. But I really feel it necessary to expand for you guys to be able to still see what happens in the UK Honda Scene even when I'm not around to get the coverage first hand & by using photographers that I know on a personal level I hope to be able to do this successfully.

From what I am aware, the weather wasnt exactly on its best behavior & the turn out wasn't as high as the first Mimm's but that is to be expected when the sun isn't out unfortunately.  I'm going to roll through Oli's picture's and explain the best I can,  some images are pretty self explanitory though. So here we go, South Mimms Honda meet 2012 Part 2



This CRX's milkshake defiantly seemed to bring all the boys to the yard..



Stanced 3rd Gen Civic... next to a boat? South Mimm's is an active service station but thankfully they are good enough to allow us to host the Honda meet on their property

3rd gen

Vibrant colours on show..

line up

More VW influenced Civic styling is now appearing over here in the Uk..this one features banded steel wheels..

banded steels

Low DC2 & 4th gen Civic..


PooM, boss of Civiclife.net's Accord..


XXR's are a popular choice now at the local meets..


Aggressive looking EP3


I Spy a Daniel Bridle Photography sticker...


S2000 looks like its got something more to it than initially meets the eye..


Love Jon Alders Eg..

jon alder


Rays on the J's Racing kitted facelift Integra DC5

itr wheels

Rare sight here in the UK to see a fully J's racing kitted out DC5 especially in facelift..

Dave C of Reelmotion's Turbo DC5..


One of the Hond-R worked bays..this one is on a Coupe..

Bay coupe hondr

Frolics Ek..


Massive diffuser on this S2k

s2k diffuser

Another stanced coupe this one on XXR's..

coupe xxrs

Accord Coupe... fair to say this one car that gets looked over vastly in the UK..



Love this Ep..


CRZ with a few mugen mods..



5 Door EP on what i can gauge as Lenso bsx ?...

5dr civic

Pre facelift DC5 with a full J's racing kit..

js pre

front js

Dav from Endless Horizon & the HIS crew from Brighton..


Love the colour on this coupe, I cant pretend to like the wheels though


Love Andys EK9 on the right, Very clean car.

ek bay

EP3 on Rota Slips..



Pete Wards Dc2. you'll see a lot more of this on 6two1 in the future..

PEtes dc2

Sandy's Euro R. Love this.

Sandys Euro R

Coupe on Red banded steels...


Another shot of the Brown DC2

dc2 brown

Matt black EF on what appears to be BBS wheels..


Civic shuttle, few of these are popping up at meets now..


EK9 with a huge roll cage inside..


Civic sedan on Rota's..


Nice to see people representing ..


I saw this car getting a lot of shit on a Facebook page, the backyard build feel to it I completely get. I in fact come across a flickr page of the guys when they were respraying it to the purple. its not a show pony but I'm sure it wasn't built to be.




This 4th gen sedan on Gotti's looks really smart, from the same group of friends as the purple civic i believe, they are defiantly turning out some eye catching Honda's...


Should never had sold my black Dc5. Everytime I see one I feel pure regret haha.


Another Civic Shuttle.


Ep3 on Evo Enkei's. popular combo but one that looks great

ep3 enkei

Many people may leave the Honda's behind, or just be dragged down by friends but other manufacture cars arnt shy about turning up at Mimm's. As long as they behave there's no real issue with it..


Haha this made me laugh, only because I had to be recovered by the AA too. Honda's arnt always that reliable as they first get made out to be..sometimes..

AA truck

Accord Type S.. cannot for the life of me work out what the wheels are from this angle


or this one


Hond-R dudes out in force as always, I love the Euro-R's. In fact I'm a big fan of Hond-r's work.


Clean Jordan..


Tom's ultra clean Jordan just before he changed his rims again..

toims jordan


Not seen this NSX at any meets before...



The transformation of this EP Is unreal, the guy who has bought it back from the dead has done a great job origonally being a 1.4 write off & Now is a K-swapped & as you can see it looks great...



Another low white EP. Assuming this is a sport from the front badge..


Really like this civic coupe..


Good to see the Rollhard guys making an appearance, one of them now has an S2000 so I assume they went down to get some inspiration & see what the fuss of a Mimms meet was all about, i love their mk1 golf, I miss mine!!


Their Hard as nails looking MX5


Hood lip spoiler, first once I've ever seen



& That is the end of Remedi's photos and the coverage of the meet I never attended..

Thanks for reading..

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