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3D Detail

For the followers of the blog, you will have seen, nearly 4 months ago the K20 blew in my DC5. Over the past 4 months the car has been in the Capable hands of TGM Sport in fleet where they guys have managed – without the car being booked in, to get a K20a freshly built for me, fitted, mapped & MOT’d whilst finding a few new problems along the way. I still have a long list of things to do on this car, it is far from perfect, in fact, body work wise I’d almost say it was ready for the scrappy, but alas I will have all problems resolved once I have some spare cash flow in the future. I was not expecting the engine to blow and had to dig the money out of a savings account I hadn’t planned on using for a while. Never mind hey!

3D Detail is run by a friend of mine called Damien Lomas, I’ve known Damo since I really started going out doing the rounds in my first car, he is one of those kind of guys that will put himself out of his way to help out someone really no matter what it is. There was this one show where someone who will remain un-named decided to just drive off home & leave me stranded inNorthampton, meaning I had to beg all the slammed dubs kids for a lift home & thankfully Damo was able to come to my rescue.

As far back as I can remember, even before we were friend’s. He used to drive around in a black Nissan Almera, I still remember seeing it just cruising aroundColchester, it was the cleanest black car I have ever seen, so it has come to no surprise that Damo is now venturing into the detailing world.

He came round early on a Saturday morning, as you’ve probably come to expect now if I have to take pictures of something car related on a weekend I am normally hungover & this weekend wasn’t any different. I had agreed with Damo I’d get some nice pictures for him whilst he detailed my car which had been sat for 4 month’s and had only seen a bucket once, on the day I picked it up. (TGM Had booked it in for a valet but I said I’d rather just take it home instead of waiting so this is not me moaning! Seems like I have to make this clear due to some of the cry babies on the forums that butt sniff and send everything that can be taken out of context into them).

So here is the picture set of Damo working his magic on my car. The reason for The Hundreds sticker on the rear arch is that rust is starting to show through & It bothers me..


absolute mess of a front end


Damo tackling the break dust covered Rega's first off

damo wheel

Dirty Rega..




Damo is one tall man, I can only imagine his back must have ached a bit after haha


More disgusting dirt


Type r

Out comes the jetwash!


This was after a once over of the car..


The sun was out whilst Damo soldiered on


damo vert




Orange Juice break

orange juice

Snapped a quick picture of Damo's family wagon whilst I was still recovering from my night before..

family wagon

Damo got to work with the Meguiar's G220 machine polisher





Grime inside the petrol cap


& After



Love shiny tyres! I expect everyones tyres to be super shiney at the 6TWO1 at ace cafe night! haha

tyre shine

the dark bits inside the spokes isnt dirt the paint is cracked on the wheels, they're quite old now and do need a refurb but I havnt got the money to get them done at the minute...If you all buy some stickers & T-shirts or want some photoshoots done maybe I can save to get them done! haha


Damo did a bit of work on the headlights too giving them a new lease of life

headlight 1


Love the back end of the DC5.




Meg's sealant was used on the paint after the polish..


Tom turned up out of no where to make me jealous of his food & discuss his future car plans! Currently has a Pheonix Yellow DC2 if anyone is interested I think he wants to make way for a new project now... leave a comment on here if you would like and I will put you in touch


This was the results :



Fresh rust hiding Hundreds sticker..




side on

& we were done...well he was haha


We headed out & got a dirty lunch in the form of a chippy & before he headed off I offered him some images of his car, just out the front of my road but I like that location...







& one with Damo in it..


Damo did a really awesome job on my car & I will definatly be using him again in the future, If anyone has any questions or wishes to book his services he can be contacted via the 3D Detail facebook page here:

3D Detail Facebook