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I'm obviously way behind on my Japan posts, it's embarrassing for me! But as I always say, with how 6TWO1 has turned into a business, which requires a lot of time, these bigger posts take me a lot of time to get together. Slowly the japan stuff will filter through I promise!This following post is all about Impact*Magic, an awesome tuning shop which has been made famous for being one of the main shops who specialise in K-Swaps.I want to show you what I saw during the day I visited :Euro FN White crashedCrashed EuroFN2, I am not sure if this car was there to be used for the engine or not, but it was a bit of a wreck..FuckedFcked 2Front of shopDC5Gorgeous battlescared DC5...KanjoEx Kanjo RacerRear EGRear EG LowerRear S2000In Japan, space is tight, It's pretty amazing how much they can squeeze in!S2000rear dc5S200 Engine upThrottle bodys s2000S2000 EngineS2000Beautiful S2000 rear Stunning S2000....EG6Rear EGRampsEnginesEG frnotSide ish Shot of egCE28sKswap ek9K-swap being prepared...engineEngine rearEk9 rearRearinteriorCarbon DashIncredible Carbon Dash! I'd never seen one of these in an EK before..DC5sick s2kS2k Sck rearEK3Ek3The boss at the time had Recently had an accident in his EK, thankfully he has made a recovery now. but this is the car they were about to start building up for him! EK3!S2k Rear againI hope you enjoyed the photos, more to come soon!Status RacingTop1merch