6TWO1 in Holland Part 1

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I wont bore you with all the travel details of the this trip like I normally do, Basically what happened is I got on a boat at Harwich, went to bed in a cabin one of my mates had sorted out for me, woke up to that "Dont worry, be happy" song that a fish sang that my mum got my dad for Christmas about 13 years ago. Then I was in Holland, the sun was out, everyone happy, the end.on the trackThe Story actually starts a few months ago with a simple email to myself from Jeroen, basically asking if I wanted to come to a Photoshoot he was sorting out in Holland & then the biggest Japanese car show there there is in the Netherlands the following day?An excuse for a lil adventure & get out of essex for a few days! F-yeah!So it happened! raci...driving through holland with my mates in his Evo 6 to Zandvoort. They diverted to Amsterdam, probably to buy a postcard for their parents, I can't see imagine any other reason you'd want to go there, whilst I carried on my way.dc5 wheelI arrived 4 hours early to the hotel, they wouldn't let me book in or nout as my room wasn't ready so after driving around for a little while I discovered a local skate park that was empty, so I used this to my advantage to practise as my horrible skateboarding skill's are one I'd like to improve on. After the small skate sesh, I decided to go annoy the local's with the J's for a while longer!dog funnyAnyway, the real reason you're here & still reading, the first of the 2 days with the car's. I had no idea how many car's were expected to be at this photo shoot, 1 or 50 I didn't really care, I was happy just to be out in the sun. When the first batch had arrived we headed down to the boulevard and started taking some pictures, mixing with the locals was great, they make me feel dumb though, they can all speak perfect english & the only word I know in dutch is JA lol. The first shoot ended, we ended up in a pizza place (Chicken Curry pizza, WHAT THE ACTUAL F.... was good though) but not soon after, time to go hook up with the ilovemyek.com guys for more pictures!!Type R jdmluxek wrzkI'm going to stop chatting rubbish now & hopefully you will enjoy the rest of the pictures. Over the coming month i will be slowly editing & uploading a lot more, but it takes a lot of time so when i find that time, it will happen! If you have a certain car in this post you want to see more of First, post it in a comment below so i know what to focus on editing first!Side of spoonMotul civte372xeksSomehow Jeroen had got us on the starting grid at the track, which was my favourite part of the day.evo backdc5lineupevo fd2te37zfd2enkeiFD2EK9side on ekThere was also some of the cars from the next day preparing at the track350s2kI've been busy though, 2 Show Updates to come in the next few weeks! Thank's for reading & Checking back!nightSide of dc5BIG THANK YOU TO WWW.PETROWORKZ.COM & EFELLA.COM for the hospitality all weekend!! look forward to seeing you soon again guys & girls!