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6TWO1 Merchandise So I never actually made a blog post regarding 6TWO1 branded new merchandise & I thought now is the best time to do so.I want to go into a bit of detail of each design, so you understand what you're buying and hopefully will make you want to show your support for 6TWO1 by purchasing a T-shirt & Grabbing a couple of stickers too.First set of T's i want to show you, are the 6TWO1 Logo T's!6TWO1 Logo TsThese are the flagship Logo T's. Simple, comfortable and to the point.Printed on Soft cotton, Black or blue colour options, and at a super affordable price!Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 22.46.01Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 16.48.06735090_10151531763721737_1697276428_n Ryan from Rywire wearing his 6TWO1 Logo t!417943_10151630830666737_2120623451_nAt only £11.99 + Shipping, then these are a very affordable way of showing your support, whilst looking awesome whilst doing it!All T-shirts have NO Tags & are neck printed also.You can buy one right here !Black Logo T : show supportBlue Logo T: show support CRX ANIME T-SHIRTOur CRX Anime inspired T shirt is done by a very talented artist, Josh Mussell, commitioned by us to create this awesome design. Once again, all tags removed & printed in the neck.208998_10151531761276737_1823615007_n8685937974_823bb31b5b_b426467_10151570774931756_244747545_nYou can purchase a CRX Anime by clicking below, we are out of LARGE though! Rest are selling fast. These will not be re-stocked for a while! Grab one whilst you can....show supportNow onto our custom Street-wear Limited edition Apparel :This Bunch of LIMITED EDITION Clothing is created by a good friend and incredible designer Hayley Coleman. These one time prints are NOT going to be restocked, once they're gone. THEY ARE GONE!!Make sure you do not miss out this opportunity !WE SEE YOU6TWO1 is not illuminati, but I've had great pleasure in your strange conspiracy comments haha. For real though this design is just one of Hayleys creations, I thought it looked cool so I chose it to go on a t-shirtIMG_4410Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 22.51.50These cost me a lot more to make, not only because of designer fee's but also because of the amount of colours used & the colour selected, its a Metallic Silver !show support6TWO1 Rams IMPACTSecond design in our limited edition run is this one.IMG_7949This is our cheapest T-shirt to date. Even though it is limited edition, this one is on offer! At £9.99, this is a bargain!show supportPart 3 of the limited edition collection :ZOMBIE RISINGIMG_1182This is my personal favourite design, the detail is crazy!!Buy it below!:show supportFinal Accessorie are the snapbacks, running real low on these now but I wear mine all the time, super comfortable !image_1366650165971293Very limited Items once again, Dont know if I will restock these, So grab them just incase I choose not too...show supportLast but not least, our stickers, something I have been selling since the get go! These stickers are the only ones I am selling now, as they're my favourite. I want to stick with one logo for a while.IMG_6806-26955_10151680939886737_1524190520_n941408_308157729314885_1893176169_nFew options to choose from, Show your support by repping one here:show supportThanks for reading everyone, to those that already have some gear, you're awesome, to those about to buy some, you're just as awesome!Thanks againAdam