6TWO1 North meet

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Post written & photos by Daniel James Silvester DOWNWTRThe Honda scene in the UK is going through somewhat of a renaissance currently. Shows are becoming more frequent, as the are meets. The growth however hasn't been too noticeable in the North of the country.Why? Well, possibly due to a lack of meets, so lets start there.It has been said for a while that there needs to be a regular meet in the North so that we can display the talent of the cars we have up here. Not everyone can be arsed or has the time to drive down as far as Bluewater and Colchester to meet up and that's a shame. It was time for something more local. As we've had plenty of successful meets in the past at Xscape with Team440, I decided I would set the location there.The meet went as well as a first meet in December can go. Still, plenty of quality cars arrived and I tried to battle the cold with my camera to take a decent picture for those who made the journey.DSC_0403.jpgFirst up was James Haley's UKDM Type R. James uses this car as his family car - who said ITRs can't be practical?DSC_0405.jpgWill Rush's DC5 really set the scene at the meet. 9J Regas look insane on many cars but on the front of a kitted DC5, simply outstanding.DSC_0436.jpgThat Air Con rad needs to go though Will ;)DSC_0429.jpgHoho's Accord looked odd at first, wearing its winter FN2 wheels. You might have noticed the wheels Hoho had fitted throughout the show season last year have popped up on a CRZ recently. Wonder what he's got in plan for next year... excited to see it!DSC_0412.jpg DSC_0431.jpg DSC_0434.jpgOn to Josh Harbour's DC5. Gold RPF1 on an ITR looks tremendous in my opinion. So much so, that I've bought a set for the DC2. Expect to see some pictures of us together in the future!DSC_0413.jpg DSC_0424.jpgIn the background, a Ford Fiesta Mk7 meet loomed over us. It's a popular place for meets due to the quiet location. I can confirm that no Ford vs Honda, ZETEC vs VTEC fights broke out (on that day at least!).DSC_0414.jpgThis is Robert Sheldon's EP3, member/admin of the Team440 group. Looks fantastic on the NT03s, they really have transformed the car. A clean and mean look is hard to pull off, but I'd say this is a perfect example.DSC_0417.jpgDSC_0420.jpgIt was nice to have the attendance of the Wisternoff brothers, even if they weren't in their "show cars". The Logo surprised me having a VTEC D16 under the hood, and the intention of boosting it next year could make this one to watch!DSC_0418.jpg DSC_0419.jpgThe good thing about outside/carpark meets, is yes of course firstly it's free (wahey for the North), and two, dogs are welcome.DSC_0408.jpgUnfortunately he wasn't up for posing and decided to make VTEC faces instead...DSC_0411.jpgAlthough strictly a Honda only meet, of course a Silvia turned up.DSC_0422.jpg DSC_0415.jpgThis belonged to Team440 member Tatie, who had come along with Sheldon. Since he used to have a DC5, we'll let him off. Oh, and it has a Skyline engine under the bonnet. Massively cool.DSC_0430.jpg DSC_0441.jpgThis B16 converted EJ9 was loaded with parts supplied from 6two1.Owned by Jordan Garbutt, he chose the 6two1 coilovers and Osaka JDM wing, along with the Osaka/6two1 windshield banner. Very striking car, especially with the blue!DSC_0428.jpgI thought this was an EP3 but it isn't is it...This definitely is though: DSC_0425.jpgThere's more than meets the eye with Mark Thorpe's EP3. Look closer, and you'll see. Quite a weapon on track this too, or so I'm told. As per usual my DC2 broke before we could put them head to head at Teesside last month. Next time mate!Speaking of DC2s, we had 4 turn up to the meet. As mentioned earlier there was James in his black UKDM, there were 2 white JDMs from Adam Howe and Steve Cooper, and my own CDM DC2. (China Distribution Market, where all the fakes come from..)DSC_0421.jpg DSC_0426.jpg DSC_0432.jpgAs the meet came to a close I suggested to the other 2 remaining DC2s that we had a few pictures together.DSC_0439.jpg DSC_0444.jpg DSC_0445.jpg DSC_0446.jpg DSC_0448.jpg DSC_0449.jpgThanks to all who came. The meet was undoubtedly a success considering the weather, and hopefully the first of many.Cheers Dan IG: @dannyDC2