6TWO1 : Project Honda Diaries Honda Civic EG6

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Today I just wanted to show you, now that my Civic is back on the road how our suspension kit sits on the car.Like I previously mentioned, the kits are not made to go "Super Low" its never been something I've been to overly concerned about, once you drive a Honda built to perform you will never want to go back. So on this kit I was designing I really wanted to make sure that performance and upgrading your handleing is key. But Whilst being aesthetically pleasing. I accomplished that.The kit is £599 + £15 Delivered to the UK.//www.6two1.com/product-category/6two1-parts/6TWO1 EG As you can see in this picture, my front air scoop is hanging out. The glue product used to apply failed so that will be sorted this weekend. I also removed my 6TWO1 decal from my front windsreen to put a new one on this weekend, but as you can see the wet stopped me on the day I bought it to the Speedstore!advert for coilovers6two1The coilovers are Dropped -75mm from standard.rearYou can also see for now I have changed my LCA Set up to Function 7 too, as I really like the product. I cannot supply these currently but hopefully in the future I will be able too.rearBefore Coilovers & after... (top picture front springs were shot to bits)sideafterAlso, fitting one of my 2 seats ! I opted for the Raemco SPN Carbon back first, because the rails are here to fit it haha. The Status Side mounts are on the way from the USA to get the Status Ring GT seat fitted..Also fitted the Raemco FIA approved harnesses in red, Black & Blue also available!seat seatseatStill many more plans for the EG Project! Remember you can check it out on youtube! Thank you for viewing!advert for coilovers