6TWO1 / Tracy Sports . Japan

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It sucks how long all these photo's are taking me to get to you & It annoys me not being able to give you a true run down on the blog post too. But 6TWO1 is so busy now I really am struggling to find time to do these blog posts. So the content is a little weak for now but if I can come back & Tweak it I will, Also check out the Japan VLOGS on 6TWO1 Youtube channel as they give very in-depth view of the garages. Yasu took some more time out of his day to show me Tracy sports which was just down the road from Tactical art! I was grateful for his company as he asked them if I could take photos when we got there.They informed us that the NSX's were all out testing, whilst they were building their S2000's for Super Taikyu series, which I was lucky enough to get a proper look around!S2000  1S2000 2 This S2000 is fitted with their signature TracySports kit. so beautiful!S2000 & JazzS2000 Rear Race carSuper Taikyu preparationJazz Up on rampRearHigh View S2000SSR S2000Tracy Sport choice seemed to be SSR....accordAccord on ssrCE28Volk CE28's on this Accord....fd2FD2R up on the ramps...Lexus ISRear lexus Stunning Super Taikyu Lexus...S2000 Vynl readyThis S2000 was about to have its Graphics fitted in preparation for the next Super Taikyu seriesFront of s2kFront of s2kRear S2000The Tracy Sports S2000 body kit is a thing of pure beauty...FD2 in airNSXWritten off NSX outside! They specialise in the NSX Chassis but all of their NSX race cars were off doing practice....S2000JAZZ  Nice Jazz out front! (Honda Fit)  Thanks for looking through the Photos, please remember to check out the Youtube Channel for more indepth look around Tracy Sport !Status RacingTop1merch