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ek front

When I knew I would be going over to LA for a week to cover Eibach, I wanted to make the most of my time by also visiting Rywire; a company that has been officially trading for the last 7 years and within that, has established itself well and truly within the hearts of the American Honda scene.


“I started by just doing wiring for my friends swaps, and I was never afraid of the wiring. The 2 injector dpfi to mpfi, and the obd1 swap in the old Crx DX was the reason I really got into wiring these cars!”


Ryan officially started trading under the name Rywire in 2005, specialising in anything motorsport electronic related, off road trucks to Honda's. Ryan can do it all. From a chrome chipped ecu to a full blown MoTeC M800 ecu, He can build a loom for anything.

bay da

DPK David also works with Ryan at Rywire. His Civic coupe has been around the world via Magazine features & online blog features too and is currently being used as a daily car until he can find the right new daily....


David explaining the front window advertising on his screen to my dad who also came with me on the Rywire visit..

dpk 2

His bay..



Whilst I was visiting, Ryan Der's EK was in the shop. This car has gone viral, with some people saying it is the "Best EK Ever". Cannot fault how awesome it is in real life. Real hard race stance, was awesome to have some time to look over it in real life & not just on the internet..

ek fnt

ryans bay


EK4 rear

The Rywire harness in the EK.


I asked Ryan what his favourite car's to have worked on were and he responded  ; “The Class 10 Baja truck from GnJ aircraft was one of my favs! Also Alex Sotos drag Integra was another! “

Honda Tuning Magazine S2000 under the cover... line up

Ryan is also giving some of his shop space to his friend to allow him to build his EK coupe, which also has Ryans old K20 from his CRX swapped into it, sat on Mugen wheels..



As you can see its not left the shop for a while..

Ek coupe

Ryan's own NSX on Regamasters..


Inside the shop it has a small display case showing some of the work Ryan can do, with some of the companies they link up with and blogs they support.. just so happened the day I had chosen, Stephan Papadakis was also in the shop talking with Ryan about some products.

shop 1


On the walls are some of the prints of previous feature cars Rywire has taken part in building or wiring up.



print 3

print 4

DA with its wing off having some wiring relocated..


Ryan's currently building his own DC2. This was at the ASC Speed metal shop in San Diego, having a lot of custom work done..


DPK David & Stephan Papadakis discussing some things in the office..

ddavid office

The bench where Ryan spends countless hours creating looms and wiring set ups for his customers..


The Honda Tuning S2000..


Ryan said he has a lot of work to do on this car so it will be at his shop for a few months..


Another shot...


Rear of the S2k.



SSRs Type F on the S2000


Ryan said... "Because of the popularity I have to be careful what jobs I take on. Time is a very tricky thing... I sure dont have much of it. Trying to cycle in custom jobs and day to day stuff becomes hard, let alone trying to remember to eat and sleep!!"


Davids Coupe which he put a 6two1 sticker on by the end of the day..



I had a really cool time with Ryan & David at Rywire and cannot thank them enough for the hospitality they gave me whilst I was over in LA. They really do know what they are talking about when it comes to wiring and venturing into other parts of car building. Im just waiting on price files from Ryan and I will be offering his products via my site trying to bring some business to the UK as that show impressed I was by it whilst I was over and how they maintain such a high quality product whilst also keeping a low employee count yet maintaining such a big impact in the Honda world.

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