6TWO1 || Honda S2000 6TWO1 Coilover Kit Summer Special !

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  To Celebrate the launch of our S2000 Coilover kits here in the UK we are doing a Special promotional offer ! 18327787193_4b8c25a1a3_k  You can save yourself £31 on a set of our amazing coilover kits and get a set for a STEAL price of £599 ! DELIVERED to the UK!! 19326080822_12ac86caa4_k 18711544323_28ca5289fc_k19146018299_482f5b6692_k 19146026869_6e4a475d7c_kYou can see just one of the settings here on Dan's S2000 which is the first in the UK to have them fitted & tested.  We are waiting on his independent review of the kit but he's told us he is VERY happy! 19332136525_4eecbdb23a_k 18561874504_4ec3b3cca3_k18951100771_0dceb1c885_k18327710633_61e624de45_k18943036192_6491f36708_k We hope you will join the 6TWO1 Family soon!The photos will link you to the Coilover sales area but also click this link here //www.6two1.com/product/6two1-coilovers-s2000/ Adam6TWO1