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I said I wanted to get back behind the lens and I wasn't lying! I said I wanted to get more merch designs done and I wasnt lying! I always felt that one thing missing from the 6TWO1 Blog was girls. I have always posted cars, for as long as I can remember, but actually getting some beautiful girls on here was my priority for this year too. What better way to mix new merch, my Nissan and some beautiful ladies? 

Well lets start by introducing Ellie Johnson, or @VW_Ellie on Instagram! We met recently at Rollhards event for the first time and I thought god damn, shes hot. Lets see if she will model some of my brands clothing. Well, luckily for me she said yes, even though she said "I've never done a photoshoot before but I I'm down" or something along those lines, which was followed up by me saying "Cool, I've never shot a person with a car so lets just see how it goes"

Well hes the result. It was a lot of fun, Ellie was super relaxed and made it a lot of fun to work with, also, she did a good job cleaning up the car ready for pictures too.. 

First T shirt I put her in is the White Bandit Logo with th Blue - Yellow Fade. I love this design. Simple, Smart, Colourful. 

This T shirt is available now and ready to purchase for only £19.99 and we as always throw in a free decal 


Next up was the Bubblegum 6TWO1 Purple to Blue fade ..

I love this shirt too, I love how simple and classy it looks while still being noticable ! 

Once agian, only £19.99 and will be shipped with free stickers 


Next up : The Bandit Supply Co Japanese logo. Confirmed from Kazu of Osaka JDM 

This T shirt is available now and ready to purchase for only £19.99 and we as always throw in a free decal 


The Above T shirt is also available in Black, which we forgot to shoot lol.


Another example of the bubblegum colours but this time on Black T shirt

£19.99 + Free stickers


This is my favourite out of the lot and at only £19.99 with free stickers you can look as good as Ellie while wearing it ;) 



Hope you like the photos, an extended thank you to Ellie who you can stalk and send creepy dm's too here on instagram : @VW_Ellie

Any Bandit Supply Co T shirt bought from Today until Monday the 28th August will receieve a free BANDIT SUPPLY CO KEYRING Worth £3.99 

All Merch is in Limited Numbers, we will change up the Designs / Colours next time. So this is a one time Offer!

Hope you'll grab some new gear and see you at an event soon!

Adam - 6TWO1


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