Ryan's Polo

Post by adminsdd 01/12/2009 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,
Me & Ryan go way back, known him for the vast majority of my life, so once he started getting into modifying his 1.4 16v polo i have been grateful to have been there since the beginning! Heres a small build up from how he got it to how it stands now:First of he was set out to find the perfect car, and i think he did, he found a Weird green coloured 1.4 polo, low miles for the age, come with coilovers-result! and the rest was pretty much standard, Perfect base.nulli think it was about a week, before he had it up on the jack and getting it as low as possible on the current coilovers.then, we set off to leicester, to pick up a set of wheels, that looked sooo sick. null null ever the poser: nullNEW WHEELS TIME?!yep, Maitland, as i showed his mk4 off earlier, bought a Run about, which come with some very very sick OZ Turbo's in red, at first i thought, PLEASE JESUS DONT PUT THEM ON THE GREEN CAR.but he did anyway, heres the result!null null null nullWhats next ?Interior i think, let's wait and See!