Why I killed the blog.

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6two1 initially started out as a blog, for those that don't know it was just me and my camera, little did I know that 8 years down the line 6two1 would become the entity it is today.



When I first started out I'd shoot everything, it wasn't Honda only even though it was the main focus, I'd also feature a lot of Volkswagen stuff as back then, the Vw scene in Colchester was crazy and across the uk it was 100% the leading scene for all round build quality.




For the first 3-4 years, the blog was all I did, I loved it, breathed it. It's all I cared about, I travelled all over seeing everyone's amazing builds in my own cars (fn1 moving onto dc5)



All it made me was hungry to one day build my own car that maybe, just maybe a fellow blogger or magazine would want to shoot and feature. Which is where the eg6 came into play..



The Blog took me all over not just the country, but europe too and as far as Los Angeles in the USA. It made me get up and go, I learnt to rely on no one but me. If i wanted to go somewhere I wouldnt go around asking friends if anyone would come, I'd just book my ticket and go. Which I did, a lot.


The Eibach Honda meet, is almost a Mecca to Honda fans, I grew up on the threads on Honda-Tech and I dreamt of going, that dream became a reality and being able to go with my Dad was awesome, a great memory I will cherish forever!



It also enabled me to create some great friendships along the way, one with the guys from Rywire. This gave me the opportunity to shoot these 2 E-AT civics, both famous for their own reasons, at the same time. One owned by Tatsuru Ichishima of Spoon Sports, the other Ryan Basseri of Rywire


I also grew close to a few of the Honda guys in Las Vegas.



Chivas is an absolute Gent, hes now moved on from Hondas and I see him on his facebook & instagram off roading now, which is so cool to see him enjoying a different kind of motorsport, if its called a motorsport, im not too sure..


All of my traveling taught me to keep chasing this stupid little dream I had, but after being behind the camera & having the EG at home, I had to actaully start my own build.



This also started my love affair with vlogging, Honda diaries was born and I found a passion for video and editing like I'd never felt before, this also came at the point in my life that I was dealing with huge stress from a family matter, a relationship falling apart and a business growing at a rate I could never have even dreamt of. Video became my outlet, my little slice of freedom which I completely fell head over heels for.


"At the time of my first event "impact" I was pretty strapped for money, still living at home with my parents & trying to start 6TWO1 as a recongisable company, this was the best I could do for advertising for my event along side the blog & my youtube audience of about 1000 Subscribers"



Blogging and being a car photographer is a thankless job, the amount of times "JDM" this and "vtec" that accounts stole my images to share on their Facebook pages or Instagram just to sell a few decals after defacing the photo, removing my watermark and adding their own, became very very frustrating. Trying to defend myself on these matters of theft became pointless too as I'd just get the same "you should be thankful people are sharing your work" remark, which is utter horse shit, and any true creator out there will agree with me.




It came a point where I realised by putting my ugly face in my videos meant it impossible for people to steal and repost without it being blatantly obvious where it came from. Which for me is hugely more appealing.



The thing is no one who doesn't take photos is camera gear is very expensive, fuel to get to shoot locations is expensive, when you run a company, your time is valuable, the wear and tear that goes on your car costs you money and running a dc5 at the best of times isn't exactly a Nissan Micra. I found a way to support this by freelancing to magazines.



The big kick in the balls was when Honda tuning magazine went under and didn't pay me for 3 jobs I'd done. I didn't charge them much but it was money I never ended up seeing for work they published. 

Same for Honda tuner magazine, once again, printed work, no payment.



On my trip to Japan i really tried to find my love for it again. It was hard building the blogs & it took about 6 months in total, I prefered the videos.


The main issue for me now is time & enjoyment, I still love being behind a camera and editing the photos but then finding time to build a blog post is what gets to me, it then turns into a weight on my shoulder and with my new position within the family business on top of 6two1 and me now trying to build my new brand bandit supply co, I simply had to cut it out.



I really hope I can start the blog again at some point, but I cannot make any promises, I just hope I can find the enthusiasm for it. Without your support, wether it was from the blog or my youtube, I wouldnt be in the position I am now, I am genuinly grateful.


Thank you




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Great read Adam!Great to see you in a good position many years laterCant wait to see that EG flying about

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