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Keelan's DC2 Type R.

I got the chance to shoot this Pheonix Yellow JDM Dc2, Keelan was very open about the fact that it isnt a factory yellow Type R. He stated that the respray he had on it was a full body respray, even under the carpets. Its as good as you would get if it wasnt from factory! 


The car sits on Coilovers and Regamaster Evo alloys finished in black


We explain all the mods, and the story behind the car in the video linked at the bottom of the post. I hope you enjoy the photoset



Check out the full video here :



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23/08/2016, 04:00:27 AM,

That car is unnecessarily good :( Looking forward to seeing some of the shots from America dude and your meet, although the DC2 probably isn't going to make it :/. Might have to do the EG instead. Hmmm, that gives me an idea for a mini series.

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