Honda Day Ireland 2017

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So I'm finally feeling human again after 10 hours in a Van with No air con driving back from Ireland but wanted to say well done to the lads who put on Honda Day Ireland & Thank you to the amazing Irish honda scene for the support of 6two1. 

When we were coming over I didnt know how the stand would be reacted too purely because when i compare it to other shows we normally trade at it is still very small and rightfully so as its a new event & these things take time to snowball into large events! 

The Irish Charm is unavoidable. The fact that this show in its 2nd year has such an incredible atmosphere, everyone helping each other out as & where they can, makes it very special to be apart of

Well, this blew me away. Compared to our Mimms Show - We did better, in every aspect. The trade booth was banging all day and the love we were shown from the Irish Honda community was second to none. Aboslutely mind blowing!

We had such a great day I can defiantly seeing us coming back next year with a booth & Hopefully a car to show off as well.

The Civic above is a Legit Kanjo Civic imported from Japan recently

Thank you again to everyone, I cannot believe how many of you came over & grabbed something from us even if it was a sticker, air freshener to Lug nuts & coilovers. Had a chat, asked about our projects & about how business is going. Showing love to the videos I create in my spare time - Shameless youtube plug here - It was awesome. Just awesome.

What a great day, cannot wait to see this event grow - Full photo set will be on the 6two1 facebook page here 

Never have I felt so welcomed into a country, into a community. & That is saying something. I have travelled all over the globe meeting some of the most amazing people within the Honda Scene, yet Ireland is by far the one I'd go back to in a heartbeat (Along side Japan.... and thats saying something!!)


& A Vlog will be on our Youtube channel later this week which if you can subscribe to that would be incredible! 

We also have a few Honda Day Ireland Limited Edition T Shirts left over. 


Thank you for having us!

Adam Ivell



Full Photoset here 

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