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Once I left FEEL'S & Knowing I had very limited amount of time left in Tokyo, I decided that ADVANCE had to my my final stop. I told my trusty Iphone where to go & we headed on our way (I say we, I mean I...)I arrived in their industrial estate and had to do a couple of laps before I found parking, which wasn't an issue, I Just parked up in an unused warehouse car park...signAdvance is best known on the internet for its Owner & one of the employee's unbelievable NSX's. I didn't get to see the world famous Blue NSX, but fortunately for me, Masahiro was working & his amazing Yellow NSX was there for me to get up close & personal with ! But Advance doesn't just specialise in NSX's, they also work on competition drift cars, beauitful older super cars & classic cars worth more than most peoples homes there too, which shows you how highly they are thought of through out Japan...AdvanceI saw Masahiro's NSX as I drove past, I almost had to leap out there & then to get photos. Those close to me will know that if I was to dream up my perfect NA2 NSX, this would be it.nsxThe aggressive but not over the top or out of place TE37's not only are one of the most legendary wheels within the Japanese car community, but also serve a great purpose keeping the weight down on the NSX.18034Inside on the ramp, was a 180sx being prepared for a up & coming Time Attack race with an R34 Skyline sat in front..34 Under the hood...Nsx in backgroundThe GTR looked like it could cause some serious damage to another mans pride if he tried to race thinking it was standard...Advan RG1 Wheels with a Big Endless brake kit hiding behind..You can also see the Rollcage inside ...rearBeautiful green NSX Fitted with some CE28's in gold in for service...BBS Combo of Lug nuts & Wheels on the White NSX.. cant say I've ever seen BBS lugs before now..Underneath the NSX was in great condition, either it had been completely overhauled & / Or very well looked after, OR its a new back box.Dream Garage?R32GTRThis R32 was beautiful and Masahiro informed me that it had the same owner since new...1 Owner pristine GTR32.... This gave me terrible ideals which involved buying one. Then I realised I cant afford it. Life.RX7Up top was an Advance stickered up RX7..180Another shot of the 180sxPorscheporscheOutside the workshop was this beautiful Porsche 911 Turbo...Time attackBack S15engine 1Also out front was this amazing S15 which was prept'd & ready for the Time Attack season !rearYou'll have to excuse me as my Nissan knowledge is woeful, I think this is an S13 with a retrofitted S15 front end. Which was ready to compete in drifting ...I want to bring the post to a close with some more of the NSX...NSXNSXAdvOnce again, Advance were very very welcoming, showed me around and we tried to talk the best we could with the Language barrier, I've got more coverage to come on youtube of Advance & I really hope if you ever go to Japan you make ADVANCE JP a stop on your tour.Thank you for reading.