America Trip 09'

Post by adminsdd 15/10/2009 0 Comment Trip's Away From home,
Right so Me and my Dad set off on a Little Road trip i guess? It also Envolved areoplanes though.We Set off Via Virgin Atlantic- Buisness class ;) *Turns noes up* To LA, When we landed, We went to the hotel, I went to my room and We had a relax- the flight took it out of us a bit! Then we headed down to see the cousins! where bill cooked a stunnning stake and they did a "british" dish to make us feel welcome, Bean's on a Jacket potatoe! Lovely! lol.Next day, we Headed down to some of the sight seeing spots as you do, Saw beverly hills Which you can smell just pure money. wish i could live there haha.nullWe then headed down to the car museum which i really enjoyed. as i saw my first ever bugatti veyron !!nullAfter our LA Trip was over, We then drove on down to vegas! what a crazy Place!!nullWe stayed in treasure island. which was a very pleasent hotel- Best bed and pillow of the holiday. lol. we walked the strip. i got given some porno cards by some lil fellas haha it was great. cant wait to be 21 though so i can go back and re-experience vegas, TEN FOLD!Quick snap of Ceasers palace!nullThen on to washington D.c! which was a completly new experience for me as id never been before!!Some sights we saw!null Trip To Arlington Cemetery null nullAfter my Trip to washington was over! which i REALLY Liked!! Love the place! My small trip away ended up in New York.And theres nothing to describe this place!!nullI LOVED the Hole Trip!Looking at trying to get a placement over stateside next year now for 3-5 months! I really hope it get it!!Find all My America trip Pictures in my flickr set of Ameirca://