Arizona, Welcome to London.

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Recently I met up with Night-kids in London who had arranged a Photoshoot for some of their members and models, I wasnt sure who or what I'd be taking photo's of but I had nothing better to do so I made my way up there. One of the car's that had turned up was an Impreza owned by KC Chau, who had acutally bought the car over with him whilst he is based here due to working in the Forces.


I'd seen the Impreza many times over at different meets via the interent, so it was a pretty nice suprise when it was there for photo's. I do plan on meeting up with him one more time before he has to head back to America. But as this was a photoshoot with a few car's I didn't manage to focus to much on the story behind the car.


Kc did say that he started off in the Honda scene and moved on then to Nissan and finally found himself in a Subaru.


We started off in the graffiti tunnel in London and as I keep explaining I am a shite photographer, I literally have no idea how to work my camera haha, I promised myself after this shoot I would learn how to use my Flash guns as they'd have been ideal in the graf tunnel but I havn't had the chance to sit down properly and really use them yet, The lighting I found difficult & I wanted to move to a different place.



For me seeing this American car, built by an American dude, in the way that the American's have it absolutely perfected was really unique, especially with the London backdrop.


Im looking forward to hooking back up with KC & a couple of his friends for another shoot before he goes back to America.


I did ask him for a Spec list for the car though, you guys can pic it apart, as this really is just a place to host the photos this time round, After the next shoot I will try getting a bit more in detail look at the Car!

low front

almos straight

front right


One with the Night-Kids girls.. Girls

Engine CP Pistons Carrillo Rods ACL Race Bearings 2010 STi Nitrite Treated Crank Killer B Oil Baffle Titek UEL Header and Up-pipe

Invidia Catless Downpipe 3in Milltek Exhaust ETS CAI ETS FMIC

ID 1000cc Injectors TGV Deletes Ported Intake Manifold (Custom Painted)

Cusco Catchcan HKS BOV Recirculated

Grimmspeed EBCS

Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes Beatrush Tower Strut Bar BC Coilovers DBA 5000 2 Piece Rotors w/ Hawk Pads Goodrich Braided lines Touge Factory Extended Studs

Wheels and Lugs Rolled and Pulled Fenders

AME TM-02 18x10.5 in Gun Black BFGoodrich G-Force KDW

Project Kics NEO Chrome extended lugs

Exterior Rexspeed C/F Lip CS C/F side skirts and rear spats Rear Lights Overlay

Interior Key!s Racing D-Bottom 350mm Leather Steering Wheel NRG 2.5 Quick Release Works Bell Hub Innovate Wideband Defi Boost Gauge w/ controller