Ballade Sports - LA

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winnerWell I really really wanted to get some more of The Chronicles & Sema posts online today, but I've left my hard drive at home, so I feel its time to bring you a post I wanted to bring you much earlier in the year, this got delayed just due to lack of communications but finally managed to get hold of Alex @ Ballade Sports and get the information I needed!S2000Ballade Sports  focus on Parts Manufacturing for Hondas. They are next door to Rywire & when I visited them, Ryan thought it would be cool to introduce me to Alex who runs Ballade Sports & ask him if I was able to get some pictures, which he was completely cool with.back of s2kDrag CRX that was undergoing some work ..CRX Drag carrearRight now, perfecting the S2000 is Ballade Sports goal.s2000"We manufactured an "off the shelf" kit to swap a K20 or K24 Ivtec motor into and S2000. Therefore bringing the old technology S2000 F Series to an end."s2kbonets200 1s2kThere are no more RWD Hondas since the S2000 so updating the motor setup to what the rest of the Honda Family uses is important. K Series, although dated, is still in production currently for the Honda Civic, Accord Euro R, etc. This brings the S2000 into the K Series line up of Hondas!"s2kS2000 rampBallade Sport made me feel very welcome, answered any questions I had, allowed me full access to their shop & to just watch how they worked.ballade sportTheir reception/entrance/waiting room was really nicely set up too, not only is this a Tuning shop, but also a street wear store & a tattoo shop too! real multitasking hahareceptionr2r3Some of the products they offer on show..r4R5Tattoo Studio..tattooFriendliest guard dog in the history of guard dogs haha it wanted to lick my face more than it wanted to scare me!guard dogAs I continued just strolling around, enjoying Los Angeles Garage life, They had put a Spoon Sports Jazz up on the ramps for some workjazzjazzAlex working on an engine..alex workingI'd been kicking it inside for a while and decided I'd try making my pale skin see the sun for a bit and fortunately they had a couple of S2000's which were worth having a look around & getting some images outdoors too...fronts2kS2kS2k sidesdies2kfrontProper Fitment.fitmentS2kwhiteS2kwite backI'm always thankful when a business allows me on the spur of the moment to just get some pictures and takes the time out to explain what they do, why they do it and how much they love it. Ballade Sports build some awesome cars, I'm very grateful i was able to see this in action.Details are at for anyone that would like to look into this swap.picadd