Banzai Magazine

Post by adminsdd 25/01/2011 0 Comment Just Chattin,
Well, I need to give these guys a shout out, they've put 2 batches of my pictures into their magazine 2 months running, In the Club scene bit the first lot was on Honda Culture in the January Issue, and in the Feb 2011 issue they have done a write up of a meet I organised & Said a bit about the blog, I just wanted to say thank you to them, It really does mean alot, if someone would have said a year ago Banzai magazine would have given me a shout out & Advised people to come check the site id have told them to shut up and stop joking. I'm really over the moon with the little features & its really given my 2011 a kickstart!!!Banzai magFeatureSo thank you again Banzai magazine! Proud to say I've been in your magazine!Soon il have the Full Write up & Feature of Anton's mk2 Golf i did a shoot for last weekend, But need to get round to the actual write up so bare with me !