Ben Prince's Supercharged Honda Integra DC5

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Another feature from earlier in the year that was in Total Honda Magazine, due to the supercharger he chose, it made it very hard to show it in any of the images of the engine, so I've left them out lol. It's not a trailer queen. Its a car he likes to drive really hard.

After previously owning an EP3 with 250bhp n/a back in 2009 and selling up for an RS Focus which proved unreliable, Ben Prince got his money back from the dealer within 6 months and turned his loyalty back to the Red H.

DC5 sunset

Ben chose to look to a DC5 for his next Honda and purchased what he felt was his perfect example in November 2010. Only after a week of ownership Ben had already ran into troubles. The engine load module failed which resulted in the car not being able to idle, followed shortly by the clutch letting go. These unfortunate events allowed Ben instead of turning to the OEM replacement clutch that he could instead buy a Stage 1 Competition clutch. The Stage one clutches are an “economical solution” for moderately modified cars as stated by the manufacturer, whilst also estimating an additional tolerance for 40-50% torque capacity but keeping the feeling of the OEM clutch.

rear side

With the good memories of his EP3 still ripe in his mind, it didn’t take long for Ben to turn to TGM Sport to progress with the modifications.



First up was a set of Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers. These are a popular choice within the DC5 community, not just because of Buddy Clubs history of racing, but with a 15 level damper adjustability, giving the owner the option of setting the car up for the exact surface they will be racing on from street to track. The settings range from hard (+4KG/MM) to soft (-4KG/MM). Along with this, the adjustability for ride height is one of the reasons people will normally opt for coilovers. With the Buddy Club N+ Spec coilovers, the spring rate is always consistent no matter what height the car is set at, this is done by independent spring pre-loads, giving the spring the correct position on the strut and reduces unnecessary noise issues that you may get with other cheaper coilover kits.


The Spoon N1 exhaust system (Backbox and B Pipe) was Ben’s choice for the noise maker. The Spoon Systems are tested endlessly to create the best gains they can, whilst shedding as much weight as possible and relocating the weight of the back box towards the centre of the car to also help improve handling. Bens first trip to TGM was finished off by the legendary TGM Sport Fast Road Set up, a series of specific degrees for the wheels to be angled and cambered at to give maximum cornering and handling capabilities.


June 2011 bought around Bens urges for more power. Opting to go down the Supercharged route, Ben booked the car in at TDI North for the Rotrex Conversion. Ben opted for the Rotrex for many reasons, one being that it is hidden in the engine bay below the inlet manifold, so if anyone is to look, it simply looks like a standard bay without an intake. The Rotrex charger kits are unique in their compactness, their efficiency and low noise, whilst also when fitted and set up correctly renown for being very reliable. Rotrex have a patented traction drive design over the traditional gear transmissions found on other superchargers, the advantages seen from this system range from instant torque, it being ultra compact in the bay, increases efficiency up to 98% and is low cost. To enhance the performance, the traction drive uses a special fluid, which are from a new family of synthetic hydrocarbon oils and gasses which offer a series of unique performance advantages. Also being developed directly for the Rotrex superchargers, the SX1000 enables the maximum in performance that Rotrex had set to achieve.


3 days passed and Ben went to collect his DC5. On the journey home disaster struck and the engine blew, having a full melt down on its journey back to Portsmouth. Ben doesn’t want to point the finger he simply states “3 hours of boost and it went, you can paint your own picture”. I also, do not know the whole story so cannot document what may or may not of happened, it’s just a shame it did.


Having the car recovered and delivered straight to Tom at TGM Sport, engine work couldn’t have started any sooner. Upon inspection, Ben’s worst fears were confirmed and he had completely melted pistons 3 & 4 which in turn had completely destroyed the whole engine, leaving all that was salvageable from the previous engine being the block and the head. Ben’s new plan after some discussions with Tom was to up the boost on the Rotrex charger and go for big numbers. Cosworth were contacted to create a set of forged pistons to a custom compression ratio. Cosworth have built their company on being one of the leading suppliers of high-performance sport parts and with over 53 years of experience in this field, its safe to say they know what they are doing, having supplied parts for Formula 1 cars. So their piston kit with the custom compression ratio seemed the perfect solution for Ben’s DC5.

seat 2

TGM also fitted some RC 750cc electronic fuel injectors which have been race tested by the company for years providing incredible results, along side this, they upgraded the fuel pump to a Walbro fuel pump, which are high pressure pumps widely used through out the motorsport industry and a set of Defi boost gauges


This segment of the build took approximately 6 months to complete, but once it was the car was sent to Romain at euro spec who Ben assures me is nothing short of a genius when mapping cars and the figure he got a figure of 347bhp which more than satisfied Ben’s figure hunting persona he had taken on.


The next decision was to purchase a carbon fibre bonnet and boot spoiler to shave some extra pounds from the car, these were not Bens only purchase, he also ordered up a set of the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 tyres, which have a hugely backed up reputation for being one of the tyres of choice for any keen driving enthusiast, giving astonishing grip across the board. This helps helps the braking distance, along with the 2 Piece break disc kit that Ben chose from AP Racing, which have a curved grooved face configuration.


Ben does not use the DC5 daily, for many reasons, one being the fuel bill I can imagine, but he firmly believes the Honda scene is the only car scene he now wants to be a part of. Later this year he has plans to get his car on to the track. After TGM fit a charger cooler he is aiming to hit 375bhp, this also means he can run a high boost for a longer period without his intake temps getting to high.


Even though Ben and the car have had its troubles, he has never given up on the DC5, creating a car which can out perform a lot of cars of a lot higher status, whilst drawing inspiration from his friends. One being Paul Curry of Hendy-performance, he has managed to create a car that not only turns peoples heads, but puts a massive smile upon his face every single time he drives it. Surely, that is the ultimate goal in this game.


Performance: 346.8 bhp 225lbft torque at the fly

K20A forged cosworth internals

Rotrex supercharger


spoon 2-1

Spoon b pipe

Spoon n1

Defi boost, oil pressure & temp and defi link computer

Apexi rsm

Spoon engine torque damper

Comp clutch stage 1

Tgm baffled sump

Walbro fuel pump

750cc injectors


Buddyclub coilovers

Eibach lower control arms

Buddyclub roll centre adjusters

Tgm fast road setup

Spoon upper front brace

J's lower rear brace

Tgm ap racing brake setup

Tgm braided lines

Yoko ad08 tyres

ferodo ds2500 pads


Alpine W502R

Alpine kce-400bt

Audison lrx 5.1k

Focal krx3 3way components

Hertz ml3000

Audison bit one processor


Oem black wheels

Carbon bonnet

Carbon rear spoiler

Dre shift light

Spoon red wheel nuts

2x Takata harness's

Teg number plate

Lowered seat rails

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