Billy Doe's Honda Civic Sedan on WHISTLER WHEELS!

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I love now having my shop, I also love having a great working relationship with the companies that I supply, it makes ever sale personal.Recently you will know we aquried the exclusivity to Whistler Wheels. A new American wheel manufacture destined for big things. They currently only have one wheel in their line up, but what a beautiful wheel it is!A Single piece 5 spokes wheel which has inspiration from the Classic Porsche Twist & the Civic VTI fanblades.Billy Doe is a local Honda enthusiast & has recently purchased a Civic Sedan. He bought it with a set of Wheels already on that he wasn't to keen on & also wanted to give the Civic his own flair.I think the whistler Wheels suit this Civic like they were made for it! Love how it looks & the Chrome against the dark metallic red is stunning! The Whistlers are a great price too. Starting at only £449 for a whole set! (Chrome set shown £499 a set) rearrearFrontWe stock these wheels & if we run out, we RESTOCK!! we are proud to be working with Whistler. They are a great company owned by young car enthusiasts! I honestly dont think these could look any cooler! The beautiful thing about the whistlers is they look great on a range of cars from Old school BMW's To mx5s!Billy also picked up a set of 3DDICE from our shop!Funky interior in the Sedan!!If you're interested in a set of whistler wheels. please contact us or order online! advert for coilovers