BMW M3 Limited Edition....

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I'm going to not bore you, with the facts and figures of this car.Reason why?Because this is not your standard M3.Ok so i am going to bore you, just for a minute.this is far from, the usual 4.0 V8 with 425BHP. this is a Limited Edition only 26 in the country, which had the Normal engine replaced with a 4.4 V8, with approx 500BHP. Ceramic brakes, sequential gear box, Full leather & Carbon fibre interior, its awesome. Soooooo awesome.M3 frontNow i was just haivng a blast sat in the back getting taken from place to place in it!I then get offered the chance to drive it? My head nearly exploded! Honestly! I almost jumped into the seat from the back seats here is my, well i guess first proper "review" of how a car drives? I'll give it a go.So, coming from Honda, were I have spent every waking moment of my car history with apart from the brief affair with volkswagen, i've always been envolved in front wheel drive car's with, not over dramatic power, even the s2000's and Type R's ive driven havn't knocked me for six. So when I pull away for the first time in this 500Bhp RWD Monster, strange strange things happened! The back end stepped out a little bit off the gravel, the feeling of this thing I've been told is called "torque" Slammed me into the back of the seat, and I pretty much just held on for dear life for the first few mintues.Once i wrapped my head around this power that I havn't ever been allowed to be let loose on before, I gave it death (To the legal limit's i will just put this is so i cant get in trouble).The gear change's are PERFECT, the gearbox pre-selects the gear above and gear below, so no matter which gear you want next its there, straight away. I believe its got 2 clutches for this to happen? correct me if im wrong!. When dropping it down a gear, it makes this noise, I can not think of how to put it into words ? it was as if the car was letting out a huge burst of power, once i realised this, i went mad with it, i dropped the window, turned down the music and just listen to this note the car put out, i loved it. Absolutely loved it. I wish i had my proper camera with me, but i didnt, best i had was my Dad's hand held. ohwell!backI cant thank the owner enough for letting me have a go, it really really did make my life, Its also given me a lot of inspiration to start working a lot harder to earn some money so i can one day have one of these things in my own drive way!My opinions on BMW's have changed completely !
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