Bovingdon Show

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standBack in July, I got offered a stand at a new show in a place called Bovingdon, I'd never even herd of Bovingdon but I agreed to it anyway haha, with some terrible planning I had managed to leave it last minute to find a couple of cars to have on the stand, but thankfully Josh & Jordan managed to be absoulte heros and get their group of friends together, along with the local resident stupidly low S2000 kid Sam Evans, to come represent 6TWO1 at this show.pruple couperear civicAs with all new shows, it wasnt the busiest, to be honest the event itself wasnt publicized very well but I thought the 6TWO1 stand looked very well presented with a great mixture of cars.We're very welcoming at the 6TWO1 standzakYellow DA IntegraintegraUK DC2..with the boat lurking in the background..rear dc2Jordans Mini on 1mini sideJosh's CRX, its so funny looking through these images as they are from July, nearly all of the cars on the 6two1 stand have different wheels now excluding the purple civic & the mini! ...crxZak entertained the troops with his Vtec noises...idiot hahaJosh also welcoming passers by to the stand...joshI did have the chance to wander around from the stand to see what else was on show, there was some really nice cars in the mix, aswell as the Replica Ferrari's. Ultimate facepalms..Nice supra..SupraSlight change from the supra..CarsoldsklReally cool hot rod looking TT..boomNissan PulsarpulsarZak loving life & Enjoying the weatherzakSam's S2000 before the Enkeis came along..Sams S2000Another shot of Josh's CRXjosh crxline upCiv tegtegJordan..joradnCoupe that would make mad max proudmadmaxcoupeDon't quite know whats going on here. But...picLike I said, I did very little preparation for this show, so these were my models hahazak flackDoin' a mighty fine job boys.s2000modelTidy Jordan, Couldnt be bothered to edit out the wrapper on the floor.jordanAE86 on some old school JDM Advan wheels...ae86This was sooooo cool, I want my Toyota like this when I grow up! hahaawesomeGlanzaglanaRollhard also attended the show..Rollhardmx5Aggressive looking EVOevoFinishing up on this Awesome 3Door bright yellow Scooby..Yelow scoobPretty cool little day out, ended up being a real chill day with the crew that came down with me. Couldnt thank them all enough for coming. Their support is unbelievable!I have so many more posts for you all this is why its a bit rushed, as im off to America again for SEMA & The Chronicles 4th year anniversary so I would like to be back on track for then!Thanks for reading!