Colchester Honda Meet. May 2011

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Now bare with me, Ive been ultra busy with Non 6two1 related stuff recently.spoilersThis meet was my attempt to get some local cars together for a Chill & a chat, but have any of you ever played the Bin Laden drinking game??Neither had I.Well to say I got a bit carried away in this Bin Laden game would be an understatement, In fact about an hour after the game started you had me Snowboarding in the living room begging monster energy for a sponsorship. haha! I can laugh at myself though, something to tell the gran kids one day. Hahahah.ep enkAnyway I've told you that because the next day was the Colchester meet.crxworst timing ever. I have never, ever been so hungover & ultimately embarrassed in my life. You know, one of them, Said some shit, got all alchomotional, hated people, get Facebook raped, hate life. Blah'dy blackBut whatever, I headed down to the meet spot. Just looking at my camera made me resent everything I had done the day before. But ohwell, hahared egIt was a cossey meet, very windy with a very harsh sunlight. Few of the Honda guys made some fairly big journey's such as the HC Crew from Milton Keynes & some of the London boy's but the turn out wasn't as big as the last one, but it was still good. Some cool cars came & Was good to meet/Catch up with people.LoonyAnyway, will be adding some more pictures soon, just need to finish editing them! Got Sunnys Accord, Few more of the Civics & The Dc2's etc! So will re-post on Facebook etc when They are done :) Thanks guys ! See you at Mimm's!Edit: New pics :) Integra'sEgEkEGAccordcivCiv on mugensCiv