Colchester Mini meet wintertimeeeee

Post by adminsdd 07/12/2009 0 Comment Car Meet's,
Sooo i dropped a few messages about to see if i could get a couple of honda's together for a meal/chat and see each other before christmas 09 really kicks in. First off, it was freezing, so the fact more than just me turned out was a result. Secondly, KU made the trip down to pick up some EK9 cam's off Site's mate, which ment we had a few extra cars which was cool.After a Quick Pub meal & A drink, we popped off to a local to me car park where the lighting is pretty cool, So i whipped out the camera whilst they all spoke Tech to each other (wish i understood some of the stuff they come out with, i will do one day! lol)null null null null null null null nullI had a good night just seeing some good friends.Hopefully, Before i shift off to the states next year, i will get another bigger meet together.