Day before Impact TWO14

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Finally the new website is online (all be it slightly buggy at the moment) all is being fixed as I type!I wanted to bring you the first proper blog post of the new website & bring you right up to date with our UK antics, before i post a HUGE American exclusive post!EF Impact TWO14 is our biggest meet we put on each year. This is only our second year and I got a message from a couple of the guys saying they would defiantly being down for the weekend. We gathered at my parents house to make use of the driveway space & pressure washer to give the cars a good clean, the weather was absolutely unbelievable. We had Kane Tilley & his girlfriend Hannah in the EF, Hoho & Henry down in the Accord & Dan in the DC2 all down from all over the country. Along with my EG6, Zak's EP3, & Harv eventually turning up in his EK4 all down out the front of the house.Upper viewzakZak's recently stolen our friend Dan's Enkeis & refuses to pay for them. But he should, as they look awesome.hohoHoho's Accord has its new addition of a Mugen rear splitter which he had made by Mugen Japan specifically for him as its no longer available to buy...DanrearDan's DC2 which regularily gets abused on track, and broken. It was a fun day to try out my new Lens.DanDan (Pictured) is so bloody tall.6two1 egThe 6TWO1 EG6 now with a resprayed front bumper, J's racing duct fitted & colour coded. Re-laqured Carbon bonnet & Brand new Spoon Sports front lip! LOVE how it is looking now.CarbonbLove how the bonnet now shines!CIndy HannahCindy & Hannah relaxing in the sun whilst Kane cleans up his wheelsHhoHoho's Accord looks so aggressive on the Air ride & mugen front & rear end.zak epZak cleaning up his Black EP3 in the sun, hating his life choices.GHAHarv turned up in his EK4 eventually, just after we put all cleaning stuff away.EFbannerKanes SiR Ef9 Check out the window banner! one of our exclusive Collaborations with OSAKA JDM!! We have these in stock !EGSpoilerAnother shot of my EG6. I love the Osaka JDM Spoiler. We have these IN STOCK at 6TWO1 Along with a Spoon EG front lip on order which we will have in store very soon.Epaccorddc2ladsThe sun really started to get to us, we all kind of gave up and relaxed for a bit. Pete once again looking like he's about to set sail.HarvThank you for viewing, Next installment will be of the WHOLE Show!I really hope you're liking the new website. Just need to remove the final bugs so it runs super smooth!Adam