Day Trippin'

Post by adminsdd 10/05/2011 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,

I'm going to be completely honest with you lot, when I was heading over to Holland, the last car I had expected to be one of my favourites & posting first was a Lexus GS300, but it is, Bangsexy!

Lexus front

So here it is, I havn't got a huge amount to write about due to it being one of many cars that had turned up for the shoot & we didn't have a huge amount of time with everyone, but the few pics i do have, please enjoy ! they speak volumes for themselves you dont need me bantering on the whole way through it !

Rear right

Burberry Interior interior

Kiara & the Lexus Kiara


Rather fitting shirt that the owner was wearing! Fitting shirt

That's the only decent one's I got! loads more stuff from Holland coming over the next few weeks! Check out the Site! as it is one of their cars & they were great hospitality for me all weekend :)