Acura RSX / Honda Integra Dc5 : John Balsamo

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One of the greatest parts of what I am grateful enough to call my career is that I get to travel all over the world, meeting like minded enthusiasts. I love seeing what choice mods they have, what drives them, what gets them excited about their car.How this shoot came about was by pure chance (As with most of my blogging). I was sat round Andy Medina's house in New York & I showed him a picture of a DC5 which I had fallen in love with the year before, I asked Andy because he's big in the DC5 game if he knew who the owner was, to which he did & gave me the user name on Instagram of John.A few messages back & forth got me linked up with John the next day to do some pictures. It was a blast, John & his crew also took me down to Chilli's for lunch, which is an awesome restaurant that I'd never tried before.John's DC5 has a really heavy theme going on, one which a few of you will be very jealous of. John's obsession is ARC. He is an ARC parts collector. He openly admits that he wants everything ARC ever made even if it wont fit his car, or if he starts doubling up on parts to get them.