Death Cab for Cutie.

Post by adminsdd 07/06/2011 0 Comment Trip's Away From home,
Rolling out of Tombstone, Arizona and right next to the graveyard where many bandits had been buried from the old western day's and I see this old Packard, an Ex hurst, but I see "Death Cab" as a more fitting name for it.FrontReason being, most of the people that would have been taken in this, would have been bad ass cowboys. Now if you are like me and when you were younger always thought cowboys were almost the height of coolness, would you have called it a Hurst? No, Death Cab.The Packard has a very hard stance. As you can see this is defiantly going to be the look for 2012. The "left on the side of the road to Rot" look. I think I may even suggest this to Nath for his Rocco.badgebadgeInterior wise, It looked like it had been maintained like the old Corsa we had in the field.InteriorHonestly though I just wanted to post this up as a bit of light hearted humour as im on holiday. I will be posting up the Colchester Honda meet Whilst im out here, also if I find some more little gems like this il try keep up with it all on here too.sideBut if it interests you at all feel free to check out the entire trip here: // Its just a small blog I started to document stuff that isnt 6two1 relevant ! Thanks guys & girls :)