Donny Part- Start of 09 Show's-ISTS

Post by adminsdd 12/12/2009 0 Comment Car Shows,
nullI've been looking back through some of my pictures, and reminising in 2009, which hasnt been an all round great year, but you know, you make what you can with what your given right?...So, to start the year off, We hit the UK Modified show season with and to start this year off, was the Donny show, which had the Show, Track & Drifting event.nullAs we always did, we set up, i got drunk whilst setting up, set up our tents, got even more drunk, then had a horrible night sleep in a crappy tent in a cold field, but hey, thats how we do, right? lol... The next morning, Maitland (Who's golf is featured earlier in the site, Check car photoshoots) Set up the stand As he always did and everyone else set out prepin there car's... nullbecause it was so long ago now, i cant write about it in depth, but the few pictures i did get back then have come out ok...nullall's i can remember is that it was a great weekend, i need to appologies to rowan once again for pushing him under the monster energy Truck and putting him in hospital over night, sorry bro x hahanullStreet-legal Won Club of 2009 ! Which was awesome. a big up yours to the haters.null