Early Edition 2011

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Sun was out, it was realllly out.... I'm not complaining! Just wish I'd checked the weather before leaving without any suncream lol.Gwerks mk6Edition is more of a brand now & I really wish the organisers would realise this, the location was packed. Parking was a nightmare if you were just general admission & I ended up just dumping my car in some industrial estate with about 1000 other people, but as always, the dub's bring the people out, they bring the girls out, they bring some of the best of the best down to these show's.roccoI think i mentioned this is my last "Dub" related show post but Plush automotive having an awesome stand at Ultimate dubs, well once again they had some of the best car's out exhibiting their work. Nathan's Scirocco with the fresh new re-trim looked amazing as always, along with Maitlands golf, the red van with a million pounds worth of Rotiforms & then the owner of Plush's RS4 also on show.inteiormaitlandAlso though, not to be out done, the Edition 38 Crew members car's were there. Now im not sure who owns the A5 that was parked up with them, but daymn son that thing was tight! - Excuse the americanism here. It need's it to demonstrate how awesome this thing looked/sat. I really liked it.a5I was so jealous of this dudes socks/suit, im rockin' that to the next Mimms!cool suitThese were THE most shiny wheels I've ever seen:Shiny RotiformsAwesome little mini: miniWill's Mk5 mk5I like the Edition series of show's. They're a pleasant place to be, during the day they have a DJ on, food is fairly priced *FOR A CAR SHOW not real life*, Everyone that works on the gates are also very friendly & the organisers try their best to entertain people during the day. Doing such activities as car limbo ?? Personally didn't stick around to see this as I just wanted to get home after a long weekend away but it looked like it drew a massive crowed, so well done organisers.mk4bbsFrom what I hear my friend Nathan won something for his Scirocco too, il ring him in a bit to find out what but I cant be bothered at the minute as im hanging from the weekend. But finally it sounds like the Judges are being alot more fair on the matter & actually judging all the cars & not just peoples friends as I've explained about other shows.blue golfI'm also finding myself recognizing people from other show's now, couple of the face's are in the picture below, I'm not sure who you are so I wont say hello yet but if you spot yourself gimme a shout!green golfSome of the car's in the car park were just as awesome as some in show & shine though! check out the 2 BMW's that were in the same industrial estate as me:e36m5So well done organisers. Nice show.A4 image