East Coast Dub's meet 12-10-09

Post by adminsdd 21/10/2009 0 Comment Car Meet's,
So The Local Volkswagen Club that i became a member of when i had purchased my little mk1 golf had another one of there local meet's, even tho i am no longer a VW owner (Twas a Brief experience i doubt il ever be re-doing again) I still go along to the meet's as i did make some good friend's out of the club!Everyone met up at the Rovers Tye and then Headed down to Tolgate, the largest Car park where everyone could fit!I parked up next to a lad i know who is Rockin a 58 plate Scirocco which has been dropped on it's arse.nullThe meet's always have a good turn out, and even though the winter weather is here now in the UK It didnt stop the Volkswagen kids like always.nullnullbut one thing i can guarentee is where there are Dub kids in colchester, there will be a few honda kids too haha. And i Borrowed kay's EK9 For a while to trial fit my BBS's onto a carnullAlso, being from essex, we also have alot of ford's down our way and a couple of RS's gate Crashed the meet, so i decided to take some snaps of them too.nullnullnullOnce everyone had gone, it was only me and a small few left, so decided on snapping a quick one of mine all on its jack jone in the car parknullAnd that was that! Will take my Camera along to all of these i think as some of the car's that turn up are worth going to see!