Edition 38 2009.

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What an EPIC Weekend!!!!!!!I attended it with the lad's and lasses from www.eastcoastdubs.co.uk and what an awesome group of people!!ok il admit. My recolection of the Friday night, doesnt serve to brilliantly, as i was....rather....well Out of my face! but i loved every second of it!! haha. We got there at gate opening time of 12 o'Clock, and this show is the reason i bought a little volkswagen (which i have now sold) But i called him ronnie and he got me there no issues at all ::nullWe set up camp, Got on it, And it was mental. I was soooo drunk. but next morning come around, i deffinatly regretted it a little bit, but a few cheese burgers later and a few cans of relentless and bam i was away!So Saturday morning come about, and Like always, the show never fail's to deliver, the quality of cars is almost draw dropping for a single branded (V.a.g) Show. The atmosphere is so relaxed and its just nice to be able to laze around re-gaining myself for the next night to happen!! nullSo that evening, Cracking a few cold beers open, and i saw one of my favourite volkswagens just cruising around the show field, so i ran infront of it and made him stop so i could take a few pictures lol. Heres my fav:nulland a mate of his was behind!nullAfter another harrrd night of pure partying.The show continued the next day, I did get on the stage and tell people i prefered Honda's it was pretty epic around a thousand dub kids booing me off stage calling me a wanker, but hey, im in it for the banter so why not!All in all, Edition was one of the show's of the year, once again!nullRoll on Edition 2010!