Edition 38 2010- 10th Anniversary

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E38 bannerSo here we go again, round 3 for me!Edition 38 has been one of the main event's in my yearly calender, one of the show's, even though it being a VAG show (and im more into my honda's) it is still one of my favourite show's of the year and with this year being the show's 10 Anniversary I expected a great weekend. The past 2 year's I have gone in volkswagen's;2008 I drove my friend Vikki's green golf GTi and 2009 i drove PROJECT E38, also known as Ronnie up, which im not going to lie i had sooo much fun in it! but this year, i opted to take my Civic. Mainly because i couldnt be arsed to buy another car + Insurance.Headed up on friday after I had poped into work, went got my cousin and thought this would be an easy enough day....... Well thats the last time i EVER in my HISTORY think anything that is simple will be simple. First off we went to another friends house to collect a sleeping bag (I had packed the car with all my stuff the night before- me being prepared and all that) Chucked it in, showed him my new head unit and the directions to the place, keyed in my Whole weekend plan into the sat nav which consisted of :Edition 38 Trax @ Silverstone Home.Thats how the sat nav was set. PERFECT.So after heading up, getting caught in a bit of traffic, thought fantastic this is easy enough! Then everyone on the A14 start's breaking. Hard. I start breaking in accordance with everyone else, to my left I see this dump truck fish tailing all over the road like no mans business, then the lorry that was parallel to me just indicated and come over, I swear to you know that lorry nearly put me into the central reservation, my cousin Jak could have lent out the window and touched the wheel thats how close it was, and I could have done the same thing to the central reservation.End of that story your thinking?nope. it gets worse.As that lorry has seen me, he's yanked it the other way, causing a slight jacknife effect, he's straightened it out, as he has straightened it, all bones and rotten flesh on the bones have flown over top, what i thought missing my car by about 3 foot. But, because of my car's ride height, I had to get out, in the FAST lane of the A14, to move these bones (Nearly vomiting at this point because of the smell) kicking these bones out of the way, thinking I was in the clear, and slowly starting to move over into the slow lane to check he didn't actually hit my car, we herd a horrendus scraping noise, yep that's right! A Bone had got lodged under my car, making it impossible for me to steer and well basically move the bloody car!!! Was horrible, some of the flesh must have stuck under my car too as it STANK like nothing we had EVER smelt before! After managing to dislodge the bone and slowly moving over, the lorry driver just said "sorry about that mate!" as if he'd just bumped into me as we were passing. Prick.Anyway After this was sorted, we carried on. Thinking the rest of the journey was going to be straight forward we kept moving to Overstone park!Well we thought so anyway....Getting 15 minutes away from the destination, I spotted alot of Vw's going the other way. "there must be another VW show on this weekend dude" I said to Jak .... Going around this roundabout, we turn and see signs for Silverstone race track, couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!! so I Sorted out the sat nav to the right place, 45 minutes the way we just come from :@ !!! OH WELL on we went!!!!Sooooo 45 minutes later we arrived!! WOOOO! Scraping up to the place where we pay, finding the "Billionaires boy's club" as we had been named by a few people, We set up camp along side Nath and Will and started to relax!......campNOPE WRONG AGAIN!I'd left half the TENT AT HOME!!! couldnt believe it! So I had to stop everything I was doing, i.e RELAXING IN THE SUN and find a bloody tesco's so I could buy a tent ! hahah Honestly i couldn't believe what the day had given me, but i cannot express how relaxed I was went we found a tent, Poped the bottle off my first Koppaberg of the night, and just sat in the chair which I remained for the most part of it hah.tentkoppaSaturday morning came. after a heavy night before i felt quite refreshed considering! on to the show!!!scirgolfOnce again, Edition 38 provided the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere it has given me both previous years of attendance. It was great, the cars were amazing, which you will see in a moment, the people were fantastic and the weather on the saturday was brilliant! So I wandered up to the showfield, found a few of my friends Sorting out there car's ready for the show and shine, whist everyone else was busy cleaning their split rims and mirror finished paint, I just took pictures really.Emmagot to catch up with a few strangers aswell Such as Aztec, or Arron as i know him.aztecpeople were cleaning the vehicles all day, this is one thing i love about the dub show's. The car's are always pristine!cleaningalso met up with Dn & Sonny from Honda Culture who were also there like me appreciating the dub metal that was on show. Like every Edition 38, it did not disapoint, not for me one bit, Beautiful car's and a great couple of nights with my best mates. What more could a weekend in a field have provided!!A Porsche on Air?.. I loved it.PorscheThis green Mk4..oh my i loved it! R32 Engine, Some Crazy Recaro's id never seen before, Full respray, And all the other little touches it had, I need to know this car's spec??? one of my favourite cars there!!GreenThis MK5 Was also one of my favourites. incredible car.mk5enjoy the pictures which you will find on my Flickr below! and il see you next year E38...2011!!purple golfGreenm1mk3white gtiscirrobadgeFLICKR LINK FOR ALL PICTURES::::: CLICK FOR PICTURES!!