Edition 38 2011 Part 1......

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If you have been following 6TWO1 for a while, you'll know i love Edition 38. Im not a "Dub Kid" by any stretch of the imagination, but a few of my best mates are so I have spent most of my time around car's partly being around Volkswagen's. It's like a mutual respect between Volkswagens & Myself. I love how far people go with them, how much effort is put into them, but I just cant see me owning another one, since Ronnie maybe the only one I would by again is another MK1. Never say never hey! The Edition Show is one of the highlights of the Event calendar every year. Me & the same group of friends always camp every year, Friday - Sunday. I want to put this out there early in my posts, as there is going to be more than 1 post on the site this year as I have alot to write about. Every Year, the Camping always gets slated on the forum's. People moaning about shit getting stolen, Broken, smashed etc etc, in the 4 years that I have spent attending the shows & more focused on, the camping side of things, I have not ever had 1 piece of trouble, not once has anything been stolen or have I felt that stuff would get stolen. This year there was one moment, where at god know's what time in the morning someone threw an apple juice carton that was full, It hit my Toyota, but that thing being the beast it is just shrugged it off much like I did. All's it did was set the alarm off, but if I had been in my Integra, or it had hit, Nath or Will's cars heads would have rolled for certain. I understand this was probably just a Drunk idiot trying to hit his mate & ending up hitting my Toyota but people do need to remember there are show car's parked up too which are normally in top show form at Edition 38. Most just coming out of the body shop so a little bit of sense when around them would be nice. But like I said, ONE tiny incident in 4 years is nothing to cry about.Upon Arrival to the show, Nath had got us a big enough space for everyone to camp at which was cool as he left early on the Friday. Due to my Integra being up for sale I opted to take my Toyota land cruiser (Or my dads, but I use it as my daily now). Bare in mind this show is advertised as a VAG show, turning up in a Japanese 4x4 I didn't think was going to be exactly welcomed, but as soon as I rolled into the main gates one of the Organisers said to me "Coulda done with you 5 minutes ago some idiot got beached cause he was too low so we sent him out! took about 15 minutes to get him off!" That dude then remembered me all weekend so I didn't have to get checked every time & was greeted with a smile every time i passed through the gates haha !After getting Peck to set up my tent, it was time to chill. Friday night we use as our Chill night, get our shit ready for the next day, Early starts for Mcdonalds breakfasts & Toilet visits! haha. We got to check out some of the sick cars from belgium too but it was to dark for me to get pictures as I'd left my tripod in the Toyota before going for a walk but you will see these car's on the Up coming posts!!Here are the few pictures I got that I want to share with you from the Friday night.Naths rocNath's RoccoCrew The Crew chilling at the camp site3seriesThis retro 3 Series was crusing around the camp and I loved it. few more snaps of this to come...fireOur make shift fire in Nath's bucket, well it was edition ...a bucket does normally have to get SMASHED haha! (Inside joke)passatPassat driving around the campsite, got a last minute picture, came out ok..bootthing

These guys were having fun....? Whatever floats your boat I guess! Had really nice wheels on it and spat flames so I was down.


Cool MX5, massive spoiler, nice stance with the new Rota Grid V wheels, no matter what your opinion on Rota's are, if I hadnt had told you these were Rota's you'd be enjoying this no matter what!!

mk4s2 Mk4's on the Show & Shine stage on the friday evening..this is my last image I have to show you, rest of the night was spent trying to sleep, not managing to sleep then everyone else just getting up and sitting around and talking into the early hours...Check back Soon for Part 2 some of the Saturday Coverage!Thank's for looking :) full size pics can be found here : //www.flickr.com/photos/aji621/ Then Edition 38 set  Show