Edition 38 2011 - Part 2 - Saturday ..Part 1?

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Sorry everyone that it's taken me this long to get the post about the saturday up, I've had a crazy week with work, friends birthdays, family celebrations etc I havn't even had the chance to go through all 600+ pictures that I took let alone edit them. Im calling this Saturday Part 1 due to having so much content that I want to show on here.mk4 on stageLike I previously mentioned, the Friday night for our crew is the chill night, maybe we're getting old at 20-22 years but It really was a much needed along with the following Mcd's breakfast (I use car show's as my excuse to be a fat bastard for the weekend) it was time for the main show to get underway.Edition really is the Volkswagen show of the year, i say this as cars from all over europe attend, even for a non dubber like myself, the show has enough variation to keep you entertained a lot of the day, I think the dude on the stage doing the presenting is pretty boring, but I guess its a hard job & I dont particularly want to do it either.Also, Huge selection of food, drinks, at fair prices. Girls in the dub scene are vastly more attractive than the girls in the "big body kit show car scene" So to be honest, it always makes for a great weekend haha.To the cars....

Im going to start off with one of my favourite car's from the weekend, the Players RS4.


Now I am not aware of what rotiforms these are, but they have some crazy concave shape & I love the colour combination of the Orange against what I guess is a shadow finish.

Front quater

frontRear quater

Obviously a sucker for the orange paint from my previous car's, but I really did like this.

R32 chrome rotis

This dude on the stage said this R32 on Chrome dipped Rotiforms is his daily, mad wheels to have to clean every weekend....

by the way, you will be seeing a lot of Rotiforms from this weekend, proving very popular in the Dub scene...


Green Rocco on...yes once again Rotiforms.. Look's great though


Being a complete sucker for Mk1's I loved this image

mk4 r32 air ride

This R32 is owned by the guy that also owns the red caddy van on split rotiforms...not a bad daily car lets be honest..




Lupo, Air ride, Cage, LEATHER ROOF? Why? Whatever, but the guy got mistaken for a girl when he went on stage, pretty embarrassing haha, but a cool little car..


The guy that own's this takes a lot of photo's at the show's ICYPIX I think his tag is, thought I'd snap one of his Mk3 on Vette wheels, I don't know what is going on with his front bumper but I think its neat.


This Audi TT blew me away, just how clean it is, wheels once again by Rotiform and set it off a treat, loved how it sat, loved the look, very cool


Another Cool RS4 from France

Mk1 neat bay

Neat Bay on a Mk1

clean exterior

Clean exterior of the same MK1


Very nice Mk5 ? Believe it has a build somewhere on the forum, the guy that owns it done most of the work himself from what I heard at the show, very impressive.

Mk2 ccw

Dutch Mk2 on CCW's


The Finish on the CCW's were like mirrors. Such incredible wheels. If only I could afford them...

more rollhard

More Rollhard.

Mk2 Jetta.

Loved the Graphics


Attention to detail on this Mk3 was amazing, I hope I got some usable pictures of its bay, was incredible.

Mk1 on stage

I cannot for the life of me remember the dudes name who owns this, He's big time in the "scene" and all I heard all weekend was "****'s mk1" now I cant remember, Credit though, it was amazing, it also took home best mk1 & deservedly so.

Edit:: Been told its "big Rons" knew it was something along those lines haha

mk1 jetta coupe

very rare car, Very very cool, huge sucker for a MK1 Jetta especially with 2 doors !

The builds at these show's really are so indepth, there is so much to take in & when you don't really have a clue about the different specs but you are still able to get enthusiastic about them, I think it proves why E38 is a great weekend.

Will be more to come from saturday with Prt 2 soon....Thanks for looking...