Edition 38 2011 Sunday

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Once again, massively long break between posts & im sorry, I wont explain why but lets just say stuff has happened and I've had outside things to focus on recently.

Obviously I cant remember a whole lot from the sunday, We woke up to a wet showground, So I just tried to make the best of it as I could and get some snaps, I wont bore you with any more chatter


Maitland's golf sitting pretty on the grass...

Perfect mk2

I can only describe this Golf as perfect, Check a few older VW Show reports I have covered for more in-depth look at the car itself..

Mk1 tegboys mate

Tegboy's ground up built Mk1 Golf, apart from the wheels not being OEM, this Mk1 looked like it could have just rolled out the factory.


Dn's "Automatic" Golf looking great on the Timeless BBS LM's

Mk5 orange

I love this car, I could have drove it home.

Sundips accord

Sunny's accord type R has had the stance sorted now and I have also seen that on the forums this was being called one of everyone's favourites cars haha, this wasn't the only honda to make a dent on the dub show, Dean's DC2 on BBS RS's aslo has been mentioned as one of peoples favourites!

audis rotiform

Players/Rotiform Stand was strong. Some serious car's rocking the Rotiform wheels and they are really starting to appeal to me.

mk1 green

fully original Mk1 Golf

Caddy blue

Another of the modern Caddy van's battered with the stance stick

audi rotif white blue

This car is so sick, love the colour combo, the interior matches the wheels with the same awesome cyan colour.

Convt mk1

Hard looking Mk1 Cabby

Mk1 us

Us spec'd Mk1 on air ride, one of Harv's favourites of the show & also one of mine.


Slammed beetle, can only appreciate.


"Westy" I just love how original it all still is, the Red leather interior is immaculate.


think this was the only passat of this generation at the show? I liked the picture I caught of it on the stage

Immaculate Mk1 Rocco

Immaculate Mk1 Rocco Bay

Hulk caddy

the Caddy that has been Plush-erized, I always admire this van every time I see it, attention to detail is crazy, next show I will make sure I get some good shots of the interior.


Another shot of the Rota'd Mk6, still one of my favourites from the show itself.

mk1 jetta

Mk1 Jetta Coupe, Rare, fantastic condition.

Mk2 porsh wheelz

This Mk2 Pulled off the big Porsche wheels, Love its hard stance.


Cute little lupo sat on shiny as hell BBS Rs's

Mk5 org

another shot of the Orange Rotiform's

Blue mk3

Loved this Mk3, Silverstone Blue/silver.

Blue mk3

I had to get 2 pictures.


This is how the Jetta looked most of the day. This is also my car of the show.





To summarise, Edition is a great show & you should go.

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