Edition 38 2012

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Right, make sure you are sitting comfortably whilst you start to read this as, I think this may well be the biggest post I have ever made. I normally do 2 or 3 separate posts for the big events such as Edition 38. But this year I am just going to post them all in this one section keeping them all together as It was nearly a month ago the show was on & I have only just got access back to the blog to post the pictures, so I dont want it dragging on to long.Edition 38, as I say every year is one of my favourite shows, not just for the superior quality of cars that attended but because its the show, I've attended every year with the same group of people for the last 5 years, it's very much became tradition within our little group and as the event gets closer I still get just as excited about it as I did the first time we all went down.This year though was different, armed with 4 years experience, Zak, Nathan, Vikki, Peck & I decided to get to the show as the gates opened so we could guarantee ourselves a camping spot tucked away in a corner& saving enough space for Harv, Soph, Crowther & Robsey when they arrived later on, unlike previous years where we had been camped on a part where people were constantly walking along and last year being a year my Toyota that I had taken got a bottle of orange juice launched at it by some drunken pleb, I didnt want the same happening this year in my Integra, so I wasn't to keen on having it right out on show. This, is one thing we did manage to achieve. Getting the exact space we all wanted we set out our tents & camping chairs and chilled out for a few hours.Naths Sciroccoharvs civicThis year, I wont bore you with anymore drib drab about any of the antics of what happened at the camp site, as it was freezing & I cant remember much, So here are the pictures. Like i said, i hope you are sitting comfortably!...Venturing to the showground on the Friday & Edition this year had set about putting a "Classic" show on or something, im not to sure, but it was cool to have something to look around on the Friday where in previous years we would have just been sat at the camp site.green dubOne of the cars that really caught my eye not just from the Friday but the whole weekend was this MK2 Golf resprayed in a Fiat colour. To me, this car is done perfectly.LDUBldub rearMesser wheels, a up and coming Wheel company from Germany showed up early on the Friday with their A7 on a set of their wheels, never knew how big the A7 was until I looked around theirs. Certainly has a very executive presence on the showfield.A7rear A7Matt blue wrapped Mk6 Golf on BBS Lm's came all the way from Norway..Mk6golf 2Mk2 on CCW's from Holland still looked just as good as it did last yearCCW MK2Super bright Yellow RS4 from Austria...AustriaCorrado From Holland....CorradoFlachwerk RS4 from Germany..RS4 blueOne of my favourites from the show, a Orange Mk1 Golf on no lip BBS's from Germany...Mk1German Polo coupe..coupe poloAnother shot of the Messer Wheels Audi A7..a7I dont even know what country this Mk1 golf is from, but it looked amazing. Completely different sort of set up from what you normally see. I loved it. Hard to be unique with such a widely modified car but they have succeeded without doing anything retarded and overall very very tasteful.MK1 golf sickI can only assume it is the colour of this MK2 Golf that warms me from the inside but I find it very aesthetically pleasingMK2 GolfThis S4 outside the Players lounge on (I May be wrong so please correct me) Rotiform SJCRS4SjCOld school Passat wagon...wagonMk2 on OZ Turbosmk2Loved this, maybe I am bias though.Mk1 5drThis BMW Caught my eye as I am fairly sure it was here last year & was Red...bmw 3Harv's girlfriend Sophie fell in love with this...BeetleMk2...GolfReally clean Caddy..CaddySame can be said for this Mk1..Mk1After having spent a little while on the show ground, we headed back to the Campsite to chill out for a little bit & await the rest of the group to arrive. En route back we stopped off at the F6Squared camp site to say hello to fellow Colchester boy Sam Evans & also saw a couple of their cars...Mk1mexThis is where my Coverage for Friday ends....& Saturday begins....Robsey no longer owns this Evo, he swapped it for a pristine EK9 just after this show.Evo& whilst one of my friends joins the Honda Clan another leaves, Crowther recently sold his Yellow DC2 for this AE86, and as a group, we have all fallen in love with the old thing! (The car, not Crowther!)86Sam Evans S2000 on his old SSR wheels, This is one of the problems with not having the site, Sam has a new set of wheels on the car now. Enkei's you will be able to see them in the Players post if you havnt already from the 6TWO1 Facebook pageS2000Harvs EK4..harvs ek4F6's PS13..s13f613and back on the show ground...mk5 mk2 mk1roccoWheel whores converted MK3 Pick up or a UTE as I believe the term is..wheel whoresmk1Amazing Audi build from the ground up..Audimk1mk1cfJetta which blew me away last year was back again...JettaStunning colour..mk2 blueCabbies dont get to much love but this one seem's to have had some extreme time and effort put into it..CabbiThe Transporters are also cropping up with some tasteful mods on..transt42Its almost guaranteed that as soon as Volkswagen release a new model, there will be a modified one at Edition 38...upd6wldwinnerMk3 On Memoryfab wheels..memory fabroc on RotisI am very much a fan of the MK6 Golfgolf whiteogStarkys A4...staky RS4Classic. Timeless...Porsche greenR8 looks very aggressive..R8Still love this MK1 on Fifteen52 snowflakes...mk1Another Fifteen52 Wheel'd Golf..golf white whitegolfSciroccor8The following White A3's traveled all the way down from Scotland..audia3 Jason Allen's Black & Pink A3...A3Nicely done passat...passtAnother local blogger, more focused on Volkswagens though Dub-it.co.uk had his Camper Van set up with a live feed of the show on his site..dubitmk6Stunning Mk1 Jetta on OZ TurbosjettaHulks CaddycaddyTidy Mk2 Golf..mk2VAD were present with their creations..porkacayanneprokaI say this every time I see this golf but its still one of my all time favourites. One of the few if I had the money I would buy if it came up for sale at the right timeGolfAnother great example of the MK6 Chassis..mk6One of my favourites from the weekend.PoloAnother shot of the Norwegian Mk6 Golfgolf rapmk2 track lookEx Honda boy Lee John's new Polo..polomk6Superb Audi S3..Audi S3Rear s3Stasis Audi S5....had never seen a 5 door one before, looked amazing.s5Bora on Porsche wheels...boraThis is quite a well known car from "back in the day" I believe, I'm not sure because in terms of building cars, I'm still quite a new comer, but this car was getting a lot of stick from the more modern scene kids, but I dig it. Except the front bumper, im not keen on that, but the fact its a mid engine VR6, roof chopped MK1 golf, its different, not in a bad way, its unique. I liked that.mk1Well executed Mk3 VR6mk3One of the E38 cars out front of the Recaro booth..RecaroLoved the colour of this polo..pologolfmk2 ccwBig fan of this SciroccogreenvenomPassatPassatPassatSpotted this BMW in the Camp site..bmwbmwThat was the end of my saturday coverage. Camera went away after that shot and we just enjoyed the Sun until it turned absolutely freezing in the evening....Sunday soon came (Obviously) and we were in no rush to get back to the show field, we packed up camp and parked near the exit gates, this year they had to open the back fences making the showground massiveRev it..yellow vrmk1 blueLoved the Colour on this R32R32Maitland bought the Golf out of hiding ....golfROLLHARD.RollhardttRS4....Rs4MK1 golfNot to many of these around at the minute, interested to see when they become a bit more affordable how people modify these...A1PassatGolfLamborghini Brakes tucked behind the BLQ's....golfGolfOld school cool....PassatCant get enough of this colour...StarkyTTGolfOld schoolJEttaNew shape EOS...eosFinishing off the images with Airlift's two cars...s3Something new at every show from these cars...RS4I Hope you've enjoyed the pictures. I summaries this the same every single year, Its an awesome show. If you're into your Dubs this will give you a cargasm. If you're not into your dubs but still enjoy a well built car, this show will hit them spots for you too. Its so chilled out, great atmosphere every year. The only complaint I have is the guy on the stage with the Mic is a boring, but thats all haha.