Edition 38 Saturday Part 2.......

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I would say im sorry for how long this is taking me but im not, I'm so busy at the minute, just with life in general. Not to mention now Gears of War 3 is out, you know how it is!Lets get back to Edition 38 & where I left off, Saturday afternoon bought in many of the finest Volkswagens from around europe, I'm fairly sure you're sick of reading me natter on about the show so I just hope you enjoy the pictures.

Scirocco 1

White Scirocco on Mercedes wheels, looked really aggressive.

Mk5 merc

Big fan of this simple Mk5 Golf on the Mercedes wheels, I cant remember the model of the wheels right now, but they just look so at home on the Mk5 body.

Mk6 Gti

I was also a big fan of this, once again its rocking Rota's which is always a touchy subject within scene's but personally I think this time round they look perfect on the Mk6, the stance is spot on, sits very aggressive & look's like it would run over a cat and not feel a spot of emotion. I first saw this car on Tumblr of all place's & didn't realise it was a car built in the UK so was a pleasant surprise to see it in the metal.


Another Success story rocking the same Rota's, this caddy van also with Air ride & the metallic blue paint looked really cool, would happily have this if I needed a van...


Super clean Mk1 Golf


This was one of the car's that I passed on my journey up, I had Zak Leaning out the window on the dual carriage way giving them 6two1 Stickers. They were from Holland so it was cool to have a bit of banter on the way up with them.

Roc holland

Another of the dutch car's that I passed on route.

mk8 polo

Volkswagen have gotten it right with their Mk8 Polo, fantastic looking car & the modifying potential is very much ripe with this model. This was one of my favourite's from the show.


Pretty Unique Mk2 Golf


Players Mk2 Golf with the freshly built Zero Lip BBS's from Rotiform, many mixed opinions of this floating around the show from that day, From this angle though it looks very classy.


O.G looking beetle, not a huge fan of these car's personally but this one looked cool.


Cheeky shot of these Mk1's Chilling out on the field..


G-Werks Mk4 Golf, with the super shiney Rotiforms on, looked fantastic, still one of my favourite Mk4's


American (Or Canadian, cant remember where from but I had read about this car previously) come in from the other side of the pond with very very low original miles, red leather interior, was ultra clean & I have more pictures of this to share with you later.


Yellow stanced S3 looked good just parked up on the field


Always have had a lot of time for this Bora, love the colour, love the wheels.

mk2 equips

Mk2 On Work Equips 01, these wheels are amazing in the metal. I've always been an admirer of Work wheels especially the Equip range, Loved it!!

The evening events ended up in Loads of people doing burnouts which was hilarious, slightly dangerous as I'm fairly confident that most of the people had no idea what they were doing, the crowd got really really big full of people screaming REV IT! at anything that went past.I was gutted I couldnt shut EVERYONE down with the 'teg, I had opted to bring the 4X4 and this was the only time from the whole weekend I missed the Integra, Harv did his bit representing for the Honda's though.It eventually got bought to an end when some guy in an Audi, which, to be fair to him didn't even do a burn out, just revved his engine, Seemed to try out run a security guard, who managed to reach in the window & snap the key off in the barrel, there was a video on youtube & if it was still available I would link it up as it was pretty funny.Check back soon for Sunday Pictures & The Award Winners !