Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Part 4

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Welcome back to my Eibach coverage! being back at work means it is taking me a little longer now to get all images edited, uploaded, transfered to the site then write a little about them, so bare with me! Hope you are enjoying the coverage, thank you for all the shares & Likes etc from facebook to forums!!

Kicking off part 4 with another 8th gen, I think my facination comes from simply only getting to see these when I am over in america, think they are a great looking car, especially when modified like this one...sat on shadow chrome RPF1s...

RPF1 8th gen

I absoultely loved this EG. Really well put together, K Swapped on Carbon fiber ITBS, Spoon brakes too..


Close up


Now someone tell me, was this a real EK9 or a very convincing copy? Had RHD, The dash, the recaros.... I couldnt tell anyway..


Not sure what front swap this is, never seen this front end before expect for on forums, So not sure what it is off?

front swap

This EK was beautiful, on Mag Blue CE28s... Reminded me of a friend of mine called HOHO before his got written off expect his was on Mag blue TE37s... great colour combination..

EK hoho

Also had Spoon calipers.. Never in my life have I seen so many sets in one place!!

Spoon ce

Clean EG on 949 Racing wheels. little lower at the front would improve it aesthetically but I'm sure its very functional at the current height


Team Hazardouz representing with this front end swapped Civic. I met the Euro Chapter of Team Hazardouz in Holland so it was cool to see the stickers all over the place. I cant give you much information on the swap as I have no idea what its from once again haha...

Civic swap haz

Another shot of the Kswapped CCW rockin' DC2...

DC2 ccw

Seriously low Civic eg with some rather massive carnards

EG Slam

Clean EG Civic next to it on 17 inch CE28's...


K Swapped...not sure whats going on at the back of the bay..

K Swap yellow

One more shot because I have a thing for yellow cars...

Yellow EG

DC2 Looked so clean with the Mugen Spoiler & TE37s


And another shot of it...really was a fan


First Gen CRX on Mugen MR5s as you look down the line up..


I really liked the look of this EP3...

EP3 enkei

EG with 2 Road bikes on it with a B Series EG with a Buddy club front lip & Regas next to it...


Clearer shot of the EG on Regas


Loved the colour of these 2 DC2's. not sure what the additional light in the bumper is for?


Pink coupe.. The girls head you can see in the bottom of the picture seemed to be about 2 paces in front of me whenever I went to take a picture. haha I wasn't stalking you I promise..


Loved this 4 door DC2 with the JDM front end..

DC2 4dr

Work "EWing" Rims that the DC2 was rocking..


Low Civic coupe on American Racing Steels..

EJ coupe

Couple of Jazz's (Fits) at the meet not as many of these there as I had expected..


Beautiful...DC2 on GAB sport wheels, rare as they come and it looks like a Euro Version of my friend Chesh's Dc2 on the same wheels!


Loved this coupe on Mag blue SSR wheels..


Recongnized this DC2 from Honda Tuning magazine... looks so threatening in real life. Awesome car..

DC2 mgeun

Another shot of the EG from part 1

EG blue bay

Eg on another set of American Racing Steels..

Civic eg

Eibach Springs Eg..


And another shot..


this is the best shot at the time I could get of the "jerry built" EG race car, so many people were looking around it..


Tiny Turbo


ALLINFABRICATIONS EP3. Just needs to freshen up the headlights & this would be perfect..




FF squad member DC2 on Enkeis...


And another FF Squad member this time on 949 Racing wheels..


Downstars booth..


Bay of the Downstar Integra

Downstar bay

Ryan Der's ek...


Clean white Nsx with DC5 recaros..


This S2000 Drew a crowd all day, I was expecting to get more pictures of it later on in the day but my 2nd memory card malfunctioned...


CR S2000..limited numbers of these were produced so it is cool to see some in real life..


Spooned out DC2..


Work wheels of an amazing Red Ek. the only picture i have of this is SLIGHTLY out of focus but I have to post it anyway due to how sick the car is..



Blue 4th Gen..

4th gen

StanceWheels Coupe. Their models were unbelievable haha pictures of them to come soon...


Awesome lookin' forth gen on Enkeis..


Clean Black EG on Yellow CPFs


Il leave you with a shot of that Awesome EP3 From earlier...Love it..


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