Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Part 5

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Welcome back to 6TWO1 Eibach coverage!! Finally I've got to the pictures that everyone has been pestering me for & that is of the girls haha. Anyway, this post consists of a lot of cool cars again, its another long one so I hope you enjoy...

We're starting off with a batch of some of the best EP3's I've ever seen. Being from the UK where the TypeR's were produced I've seen a lot before but these American ones really are the best group I have seen...

Black ep3

Silver Supercharged EP3 with mugen front splitter..

mugen ep3

White Ep3 on BBS Rs's & Airwalker front lip..

EP3 white

Loved this Vivid blue pearl Ep3, supercharged on Sprint Harts..

Ep3 blue


Ep3 bay

blue side

this one looked really mean with the wider arches and the pixelated wrap..

ep3 concave blak

This EG looked awesome from this side but the opposite side looked like it had been in an accident on the rear quater.


New shape Jazz on Works..


My dad had came over with me so I got him to wear a 6TWO1 shirt on the day, he really enjoyed eibach haha heres a pic.

Eibach dad

Ef with an under bonnet design..


Really smart Del Sol..

del sol rays

Another awesome Del Sol..

Del sol awesome

Another coupe on American Racing steels & a Green Dc2..

dc2 civicoupe

Milano Loving...

civic dc2

Closer look at the EK4...

ek4 milano

Closer look at the DC2.. Kevlar Lip & Kevlar wing mirrors..


DC5 on work VS-XX...


Stunning Accord Coupe..


RHD Eg6...


Now we don't have these in England but I always seem them at car shows on blogs over in the States so it was pretty fun to see some people riding round on their ruckes's ...




I loved how chilled out the meet was, no idiots driving around, once the meet was going and people were in their spaces thats where the cars stayed until they left. California graced us this day with unbelievable weather. I was hiding under Rywires booth most of my down time... here is a group of friends hanging out with their marquee ..


Ef on some awesome looking wheels, no idea what they were..


Backyard Design co had some interesting underbonnet designs going on. Looked cool..

bonnet 1

bonnet 2

Also bringing along this Integra Drag car..


This Yellow EK was on the Front of S3 magazine & Fast car here in the UK. Pretty unique! love its engine bay..

ek yellow

ek bay



Another really nice prelude on Enkei's..


8th Gen..

8th gen

Smart Facelift DC5..


Citystars Sedan looked amazing...


As did their EG6..

Eg sedan

Stunning Milano red Ek on BBS's...

ek bbs

Now the only 2 models at the Eibach meet were Megen Belet & Xina Kai. If you search both of their names you will find their facebook pages to like and perv over tonnes of professional photo's. I didn't realise at the time but Xina is who Joey Lee of the chronicles calls "Titla Mcboob". Haha. She genuinely had, for her frame the biggest pair of boobies I have ever seen. I was trying not to stare but, I gave up not trying after a few seconds.

boobs 1

Boobies 2

Boobies 3

And here is the picture of me with them... had too! ..

J Swapped CRX..


One of the biggest lines for me of the day was waiting to purchase some stuff off Joey Lee haha. Took me so long but was worth the wait..


So simple yet so beautiful. I loved it..



David from DPK Crew's iconic Civic Coupe..

Civic coupe dpk


He was also rocking a 6TWO1 decal at the show :) (you can purchase these from the following links.. click here for sparkle stickers & Here for some more of the selection..)


Ending todays post with this Drag spec Civic coupe...


Hope you've enjoyed todays pictures..

I thought I'd link you to the following pages as a thank you..

Xina Kai's Facebook fan page Megen Belet's Facebook fan page

Like I have said, thank you so much for all the shares you guys are doing. It is great to see so many people enjoying the coverage. I am not sure if I can get the next few posts done over the weekend but I will try!!.. like always please click the "like button" to the bottom left of the page to share to your facebook if you have enjoyed it!! if not thanks for viewing!!

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