Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Part 7... End Credits....

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So here we are, the final chapter of my Eibach Springs Honda Meet 2012 Coverage. I can't pretend I'm not secretly releaved that my second card broke as I know I would ended up with another potential 500+ Images to go through, So 298 Images edited later and we are here. I seriously hope you have enjoyed the coverage. I know I still have improvements to make but these will all come in due time.

Kicking off today with this white sedan, one of the few cars to take up 2 parking spaces lol..

White saloon

Old school prelude, not many of these were around on the day..


Another DB8, RHD, Rega's, resprayed in this metallic green that really popped under the California sun and DC5 Recaro's..


EK Sat on BBS RS's...


Momofoolio Racing's Global time attack S2000 Race car....


As the weather kept getting hotter and the afternoon carried on, a few people were leaving earlier, so it left spaces for people to start relaxing in other ways, this guy was skating, he didn't land this 360 flip but as I captured it mid-air no one has to know right?...


FX AUTO|DESIGN's little set up was amazing, some of the finest car's on show along with the ones I have already mentioned...


I believe the guy that own's this is called Teddy, I think I follow him on Instagram, either way his Civic is unbelievable and it was cool to see it cruising around a couple of nights before the meet in the Valley.

Teddy ek1

Another shot...

Ek teddy

next up was their super clean EG on 16inch Sprint Harts..


The next two cars have obviously hit Internet superstar-em after being featured on various huge blogs on the net. Can you tell?? I'm not exaggerating when I say it was like that for the majority of the day.


Metallic Brown DC2 on Work Equip 03's, Tucked bay with the Gold dipped parts....




Now for one of my favourite's of the whole trip, I've seen some rad cars and I make no point in hiding my enthusiasm for them. You'll see after I've got what I need from Ryan of Ry-wire what I mean from my visit to them, but this coupe is so beautiful. The colour is amazing. Wheels are amazing, The purple/blue bay is amazing, I just love it.

Coupe Orange

Orange civic


wheel coupe



This Mugen Kitted CRX had those Mugen bottle top looking wheels, one side looked like Copper & the other side was normal.



Civic sedan on RPF1s..

enkei civic

Out came the 50mm. If I'd have had a working 2nd Card then I would have plenty more images like this, I had to delete a few off my working card to get this going but it was worth it...

Line up

K Swapped CRZ..


Toyo Tyres booth was amazing, but hard to photo due to the Sun creating shadows on their display so I only really have this one usable picture of their Accord/TSX...


CityStarz Sedan..


Ryan of Ry-wire givin' us a smile in the shade..


NWP, The Chronicles & Rywire along with Joey lee's Girlfriend May (I don't know her surname..) All lined up next to each other for booth's...



The cakes were goooood. I had a red velvet one. Now I'm back and on my super healthy eating again I genuinely miss the taste of all things nice so it was good to have some decent treats on my last few days in america..




Another of that Red eg from earlier posts..


Coupe with the holes in the rear bumper..


Shot of some of the line up and the crowd..

eg red c

Insidious Ek.. Loved it..

ek insidous

Green EK, not sure on the wheels but I love the finish..


Gold EG with BYS Front lip..

simple eg

I think there were more clean EG's in this whole car park than the whole of the UK..

Red EG

Very clean TSX/Accord on VIP Work Wheels...

wheels tsx

Super Hardcore looking DC2 with the rear bumper cut up, TE37's Mugen Rear wing..


Another LOI-Spec DC2...

DC2 White loi

Yellow DC2..

dc2 yellow

Blue 4 Door, TE37's & mugen kit...

Mugen Kit

This guy had parked his DC2 up like this to show off how well his suspension worked I guess, the boot was open as I got the picture the dude was putting suncream on haha.

DC2parked funny

Think this BMW is part of the StanceWheels Guys who bought the Models along..


Someone had imported a City Turbo Over from Japan along with a little origional Monkey bike. Talk about rare!! this was a real treat to get to look over...


City turbo

this Sedan had ridiculous Camber, this was parked up out of the show but I got it as I walked back to our hire car...


I wanted to wrap up with an image that almost sums up the Cali Honda Scene for me. Ever since Arnel's EG on Equip 03's I've thought of them as the perfect stance wheel for the EG & Bethuel Montanez's Red EG is perfect on the eyes...


As far as meets go, this was by far the greatest thing I have ever attended. I have been reading that they are not sure about doing it again next year but I honestly hope they do. I will happily fly back over!! I hope you have all enjoyed the meet coverage. Its been basically all I have been doing over the last 2 weeks. So I'm fairly sad to close it out. still got some cool LA focused stuff to bring you...

Thank's for reading !!

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