Eibach Honda Meet 2014 - Part 3

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advert for coiloversLets get straight back to into part3 !DC2Kicking part 3 of the Eibach coverage off with this Stunning DC2...em1KSwapped EM1 fitted with Rywire harness..efClean EF....dc2Yellow DC2 on Volk TE37-SLdc5DC5 on Agressive Enkei RPf1S2kS2kSick S2000. So Clean & Simply also on RPF1s...Ricky EM1Ricky's EM1 project is coming along nicely. Also one of the people representing 6TWO1 Decals at the meet!DAThis K-Swapped DA is one of my favourite cars at the event. It's OEM exterior, fitted with the Volk Split wheels keeping the outside sutble, whilst a K Swap under the bonnet and on the inside a very OEM interior. Loved it.orangeOrange EK fitted with a K-swap using Hybrid racing partsEGTeal EG on Buddyclub P1 wheels, Oem VTi lip, very clean.CRXFantastic CRX on RPF1'sacrdThere wasn't a whole lot of these accord at the meet so this one was a beautiful example & A treat to see.OSAKA JDMefefStoked to see a clean as you'll get EF looking ready for battle. Regamasters really are timeless no matter what chassis they're on and the Osaka JDM banner is awesome!EfAnother EF but this time a different style.oemYet another EF with another take on modifying, fitted with Mugen RNRSp2dialsSpoon Equipped DC2...Em1EBP EM1 on CE28sEm1 EM1 on TE37sTLAcura TL looking great...SaloonAwesome Carbon clad saloon...S2000S2000 on nice spec BBS RS...PreludeRare Chassis to be tackled but what an amazing outcome....Prelude advert for coiloversThe next generation on prelude here looking amazing on the Enkeis...fd8th Gen Civic On RPF1's with a Mini me! Mugen JDM front end swap on this looks awesomeShuttleNice set up display with these 2 Clean shuttles.Dc5Aggressive wheel set up on this DC5..EGClean Eg...Accord wagonSlammed Accord wagon...JazzJazz lowered on Enkei RPF1's...Stunning OEM+ EK Saloon...SedanAnother stunning Saloon!SaloonSedanAnother Sedan this time fitted with Regamasters! stunning SOHC bay & team Mezurashi who I met in NJ Branching out to the west cost!db8DB8 Integra on Volk TE37-sl & BYS front bumperdc5DC5 on Polished Desmond Regamasters...CivicEF Sedan on Work wheels which are also sold as Osaka JDM Loop5 wheelsmguenMugen equipped DC5.BadassSuper badass BYS / Mugen DC5.dc5Clean DC5...nullUnsure what wheels this Civic is on, but I think it looks awesome.4th GenCivic EF Saloon BBS RS Wheels...efEF Hatch, once again the brand of the wheels alude me but it looks period correct. Love it.& With that, I'm bringing part 3 to a close. We have one last blog post on this which will be live early next week.Hope you've enjoyed the Eibach coverage so far from us. advert for coilovers