Eibach Honda Meet Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3! I hope you've enjoyed the previous 2 posts so far from Eibach Springs Honda meet 2012!!

As the day went on the weather got better & better. It eventually was so hot I was uncomfortable & really burnt... anyway Part 3 I have tried to get a larger amount of Images,as I underestimated how many I took and I still want to post as many as I can & if you were at the meet you will be able to predict what comes next due to where car's were parked....Trying to give the people here in England & Ones that couldnt make it

I start with this Prelude, really caught my eye. Rarely do I see these tastefully modified over here in England..


This Black DC2, part of "Insidious Crew" looked hard as nails on its Mag blue TE37's with a Backyard special Bumper & Tucked bay treated with some Downstar bolts..

Dc2 black bys

DC2 bay

I cant help but feel that this Red EG with a slightly lower front end, with some more camber this would sit perfectly on the BBS Split rims. Also has a Backyard Special spoiler, wind deflectors & A tucked bay also treated with Downstar Bolts..might need to get me some of them for when my DC5 goes for treatment..

eg front


Another car we don't see that often here in England & especially this well modified, sits really nicely on the Work VS-XX Wheels ...

Accord on works

quick shot of an Acura Integra that I have more shots of later...


Red Civic coupe on RPF1's...

Coupe red rpf1

Bay of the coupe...

Red coupe bay

Now this next car is also from the Insidious crew I mentioned earlier. This Ek was one of my favourite cars from the whole event, from the Bay, to the Rega's, then on to the colour. None of it screams over done, just pure taste. I loved it.

EK Insidious


EK Bay

EF sedan .. now I think I know what these wheels are but if someone can please confirm in a comment!! Don't want to post any wrong information...

EF sedan

Yellow DC2 on CCW wheels.. looked awesome..

yellowdc2 1

Can also spy Red Recaro's..

yellow ccws

clean red coupe..

red coupe mesh

Really liked the light green paint on this next EK. Colour combo on these two parked next to each other too..

EK 8th gn

the orange 8th gen next to the Ek.. Kinda funny I had an 8th Gen but the Euro shape in Orange too. I liked this guys Work Equips

8th gen orange

Black 8th Gen coupe on Enkei RPF1's.. cool to see these wheels are just as popular in America as they are in England..

8th RPF1

Another nice 8th Gen...

8th gen red

I loved this EG. I loved the 16inch Mugen's, the colour was awesome. It had a JDM Yellow interior, wasnt the cleanest so I wont post the picture but with a bit of love they could look new...

EG mugens


Rear of the EG, BYS Spoiler..


Engine bay of the Green EG parked next to it... Didnt get a front shot of it stupidly..

Green bay

Rear of the EG ... Mugen M7s..


K Swapped JDM Fronted DC2 on SSRs...


View of some of the cars on offer..

line up

Another 8th Gen..


Yellow recaro's have been on my "list of things to do for my DC5" for a while, set backs like the engine needing replacing, suspension being ruined etc have ment I've had to wait... Then i saw these at Eibach, someone beat me to it haha! Nevermind, still confirms my idea that will look awesome. loved the centre how it looked like Kevlar..

Recaros yellow

mguen yellow blue

One of the few DC5's there. Was surprised a the lack of them due to the RSX being sold in America.. This one was rocking RPF1s with the J's racing Teal colour as a theme on the car..


Fairly positive these are sold as Acura's out in America so seeing one with the Honda grill made me feel like home haha.

accord new shape

I think this is a US Car converted to look like the JDM EP3, the give aways for me are the Headlights & Indicators in the wing mirrors & it having the incorrect Recaros. Still looked awesome & With the work put into it to convert it to RHD, I can really appreciate it. The BBS LM's looked cool on it too..

EP3 jdm

When I say incorrect Seats etc I don't mean "incorrect" the car is half facelift & Half pre-facelift, so the seats are also available in that finish in the facelift JDM EP3, I guess my quote just wasn't clear enough, whatever though the car looks awesome. Keys racing wheel & the Type R dials..


Supercharged EP3. Loved the colour...


Nice DA..


Stanced Coupe..

stanced coupe

The NVüS Crew's DC5 was one of my favourites from the day too, i loved how it sat, I know I already mentioned it in part 1 but still, I loved it.. these dudes have their own facebook page,so head that way and give it a like Team NVüS Facebook Page

DC5 nvus

Also part of the same crew..

NVus 8th Gen

and another..

team nvus 8th gen silver

I'll be honest a RHD Honda Odyssey was not one of the car's i was expecting to see at the show haha

rhd odyseey

An EG & Work Equip 03's when correctly fitted, it is defiantly one of my favourite timeless looks...


Rims close up

another eg

Leave todays post on a Milano note....old school flavour this time..


Thank you once again for viewing, I hope you are enjoying the coverage.... il be back tomorrow with part 4... If you have enjoyed the post as always if you can click "like" in the bottom left corner and share it on your facebook or any other sites you're on!! If not, thank you for reading still!

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